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Thread: Feedback requested on if alternative computer and gaming input device will be helpful

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    Exclamation Feedback requested on if alternative computer and gaming input device will be helpful

    I'm a solo indie computer programmer and recently had a discussion (link) that sparked an idea that I'm contemplating creating as one of my part time projects over the next year or so. I'm fairly new to knowing all the products that are already on the market and also if this particular idea would be useful.

    The idea is basically to turn any phone's accelerometer and gyro into being able to assist with controlling a computer by attaching the phone to the head with one of the common cheap head straps. One can then tilt their head in directions to either simulate the mouse or a joystick or bind the nodding to keyboard keys. I realize that for general purpose computing there are solutions like and dragon voice recognition products that can help with most tasks. While this can assist with typing and other common computing tasks, it seems a little difficult to use for gaming (where normally two joysticks would be needed). Also, for some power programs with heavy use of hotkeys like photoshop it would be much slower to use those solutions.

    I envision (but maybe I'm wrong) that this would be most useful to those that have some mobility enough to use a mouse in one hand and their head can supplement the other tasks (either act as the second joystick in gaming, or be bindable to any keys or hotkeys). It certainly could be used if one only has control of the head for mouse and clicking, but the above mentioned quad stick would probably be a better fit for those cases (except if the high cost was an issue).

    Very unfamiliar with the product landscape so perhaps something already meets this need, or perhaps it wouldn't be as helpful as I'd envision, so I welcome any comments, thoughts, or advice anyone can provide. Also links to other common forums to perhaps reach out and ask more people if they think this would help, or links to products that already exist that I'm not aware of.
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