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Thread: Me Before You

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    She's complete.

    I'm a pretty happy quad. Do I like having my ass wiped? No. But I don't ask much else to the guy I pay to do it.

    Finding happiness as a quad is about accepting a lot of shit that you would have found extremely humiliating in your previous life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by christopher View Post
    She's complete.

    I'm a pretty happy quad. Do I like having my ass wiped? No. But I don't ask much else to the guy I pay to do it.

    Finding happiness as a quad is about accepting a lot of shit that you would have found extremely humiliating in your previous life.
    Pretty much. What other choice is there? Live dependent or die.

    In a situation like this, the ability to tune things out - if that's how you want to define "delusion" - isn't a weakness, it's a freaking superpower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddity View Post
    It's called adaptation, and it is one aspect of being human that separates us from 'lower life forms'. You can certainly choose not to adapt, to be miserable and bitch and moan and groan about what you can't change. That is part of being human too, having free will, even when using it to be negative, and to hurt yourself. Some of us like to use what we have left to attain some peace, which is hardly something you can (rationally) find fault with.

    Being a quad doesn't physically limit you from ending your life. That's just another excuse based on lacking the strength of will to go through with it. You can literally do NOTHING and be dead in less than a week. The limitation isn't what you are physically capable of, it is psychological.

    Having a spinal cord sucks, to be sure. But being miserable AND having a spinal cord sucks more. They don't HAVE to go hand in hand. Our state of mind is not necessarily bound to the state of our body. Some states of body make it hard, some harder than others, but to believe there is no way to authentically adapt, to say it is a flaw of character to adapt, is a foolish and short sighted generalization that minimizes SO many people and the effort they put into not being miserable sacks of sorrow.

    Minimize yourself all you want. That's your prerogative.
    Of course I realize that being a quad does not physically PREVENT you from ending your life, that is idiotic! I have read many of the shocking stories of quadriplegics resorting to starvation, why do you think it is they had to resort to three months of starvation? Because by the definition of the word "limit" being a quadriplegic does very much physically limit you from ending your life! Pulling a trigger in a split second is much easier than starving yourself,and leaving your bowels and bladder to rot for months! You in terms of spinal cord injury you have it is about as pampering as you can get don't come at me about such and such situation in your life outside of the injury I do not give no such fucks.. Nobody needs to be getting defensive here I certainly am not what you're saying is simply absurd! But my point is you know nothing of the full implications of high cervical complete quadriplegia; for God sakes even after four years every once in a while I discover a new implication and/or limitation that I just never thought about! If you decide to end your life you have about I don't know, off The top of my head at least four traditional ways to do it quickly and efficiently! And many different ways and factors to execute you could travel far away so your family doesn't have to see any of it, from what I remember that kind of control over one's life it's quite liberating, not that I ever remotely noticed it or appreciated it when I had it! A high cervical injury, especially a complete has no such luxury. So you're exactly right they can choose to abandon all treatment and rot which can take up words of three months even if you do not eat a single morsel! But going that route is a different thing entirely, and it's the physical limitations of being a higher injury that lead to such a tradic decision.

    You mistaking me having a few more plans in place, and still trying to "fight" dependency as lacking the will to end it. I Will admit living as a dependent has made me soft, the notion that this kind of life is sparred with strength and resilience is ludicrous the longer you live like this the more you adjust there's no elbow grease needed (although the more effort you put in the quicker and more "fun" you could have, provided your interpretation of fun is within the realm of reality after injury) , The mind will do what it needs to survive, not being physically able to end your life in a split second when you're having your worst fit at its climax also plays a role. In the initial years most of us high quad would be running for a shotgun, but all we can physically do instead is lay in bed and stare at the ceiling; frighteningly after enough time that becomes comforting. then again if we could get to the shotgun this conversation would be a irrelevant wouldn't it.

    Again you're fooling yourself fact of the matter is someone that was a professional hockey player and ends up as a C-4 is going to have a much harder time than someone who was a computer analyst and ends up C-4. The professional athletes main joy in life is no longer possible not even remotely at best all he can do is watch able-bodied people do what he loved! Where is the computer analyst, although not as efficiently will still be able to access a computer and continue on where he left off, that's a fact that would play a major difference you're an absolute idiot if you can't realize that! The other factor is individuality yes our desires, hobbies, interests play a factor to our individuality but so does our principles! I will direct this at myself, but the fact is majority of people do not think like me they cannot analyze reality and embrace it like I can, I just had a conversation with my physiotherapist today she was nothing but silent, she admitted that everything I said was true but she just doesn't want to think about it despite the fact that it will likely effect out future in short time. When you're very analytical, and extreme realist to the point you can dribble into cynicism I could be a problem when having to do such disgusting procedures and being so pathetically weak and helpless, you're not going to look past those things; you're going to analyze them all to deeply. Principles comes in all different shapes and sizes like anything, i have been very ill this last year so I've been in and out of the hospital nothing dire unfortunately but yes. There are patients there that are completely able-bodied, they can walk move their hands, controlled her bladder and bowels etc. but obviously they are sick and in pain I understand that but I was absolutely blown away with how embracing they were of being dependent and a burden despite having other options. I believe wholeheartedly and of course this is subjective and unfortunately they won't do any proper psychological evaluation on the coping with quadriplegia and it's long-term effects. I feel very strongly they should, but after seeing so many people SCI or not I now realize that many people are more "predisposed" to accepting dependency and all its splendour. The reason I think they should evaluate people coping with quadriplegia is I am thinking they would find similarities to people with Stockholm syndrome and/or people that become institutionalized in fact I think it would be even more extreme,,considering it's a much more consistent situation, you never get a change of settings in terms of implications after SCI ( unless of course you're very incomplete and a new injury, not my main focus point )! it also has far less help in most cases a prisoner knows he will be released, a kidnap victim knows there is a chance The police will rescue them! Of course just like recovery after SCI with enough time that hope dwindles away. Like I said the mind will adjust, I have become softer living like this I have become more accepting of the most grotesque undignified procedures out there, I have been become very accommodating of all these diseases and secondary complications that riddle my body; this is a weakness this is not A new found form of resilience just because I'm severely disabled. And if spinal cord injury was treatable The situation would be addressed completely differently I would never even remotely be condoned for living like this if there was another option. but since it is untreatable modern medicine be it psychologist, doctors etc Will begin to instil the ideology that living like this takes strength, it is resilient of us and we will have to go back and every now and then be reassured by them and/or other disabled Who have been told the same thing! and that is how we "MoveOn" until it is treatable of course. anything that needs to be recycled and/or reassured doesn't have much value to be called truth to me! let alone that if sci had even a slight solution it would be considered an abomination not a badge of honour wahhhh

    Another logistic about spinal cord injury and coping while we're talking about it. SCI is far too vauge term a T 12 injury is not the same thing as a C1, and should not even remotely be associated! Even if one adjust to a C1 injury and is according to them "happy" I believe there would be visible alterations to their brain from living such a dormant lifestyle; and before anyone defensively tries to justify how active they are no matter how "active" you are as a high quadriplegic you are still a dormant compared to what the human body is meant to live like ( unless you were the type to be a lazy slob laying on the couch eating Chito's, in which case sci should be no problem body didn't mean much to you anyways in fact it could be used as a method to be congratulated for living a lazy lifestyle, nonetheless such a lifestyle is unnatural) ! Another very realistic factor even a part from obvious motor and sensory function still No two injuries are the same, one C-5 injury may have a bladder that just holds urine as long as it needs to no rush no urgency and a simple catheterization restarts the process; whereas another may have an extremely over active bladder which will lead them to face chronic infections, bladder stones, kidney damage which can lead to a lot of other complications and even deformities long-term,accidents will be more common, so even at the same level one person has a much easier ride then another! Then there's also things like spasticity some people have it bad enough to break bones others have it none at all, some people respond to the drugs and/or baclofen pump other people don't that would be an even bigger impact then bladder issues; because that shit will remind you every few minutes how bad the situation is through pain it'll really let you have it every time you get in your chair every time you get in bed, won't let you sleep, throw you out of your chair etc. so to an injury that just gets in bed and their body remains still May be a few tiny spasms at first even still it's like they aren't even the same disability. All of this is a moot point if you are going to focus on me so don't bother saying "I already said some disabilities are harder than others" it's still a valid point, even if minor still emphasizes your massive generalization when addressing the disability and all the individuals victim to it as a whole! But to get it out-of-the-way in my individual circumstance the only thing that matters to me is whether or not you can shit on your own, than and only then get through a day independently. When it gets down to it no matter how bad it gets the person who can just accept dependency and has no problem asking for help but more importantly has something they truly value to fall back on completely on their own like the computer analyst example Will have a light in the darkness so to speak. It Very much is a matter not of character but of individuality everything is...

    There are other factors, and here's the reality you can pretend and be politically correct and deny that these are not factors but here it is One of the most prominent ( after everything I've stated above of course) is sex appeal, you take someone that is considered very attractive you then take someone that is considered unattractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is a fortune cookie perspective it holds merit in select circumstances simply by chance but it's arguing against biological factors Brad Pitt is what he is, the only person that's going to call him ugly is someone that's probably not a looker them self and is quite bitter. Now to the context of the Conversation man or woman it does not matter, being physically attractive affects everything how people interact with you, peoples first impressions of you, it's easy for such people to make friends and to make sexual partners, it also open door ( some of the most famous actors were picked for their looks early on, and that doesn't only apply to Hollywood although it is more obvious than other fields) the implications are almost never ending. When you become severely disabled, you do look deformed there's no way around that in majority of settings and peoples perspectives your sex appeal is nonexistent. A good-looking person enter the room right away they will be numerous people taking second glances, there will be people talking about them if only briefly but it will happen, if alcohol is in the mix it is likely introductions will take place good first impression Will take place etc. To the rest of us ( I consider myself included ) that are just average looking that does not take place certainly not as extreme nor as frequently. So when an injury takes place and an above average attractive person they took a hit that we never did because it was never A very common daily occurrence or even there at all in the first place; we won't suddenly become excessively and drastically unnoticeable or have a complete 180 social perspective. Yes after a disability especially quadriplegia everyone's social dynamic will change what I am saying is some people naturally have a completely different social dynamic because of sex appeal that few get to experience,so it will be A far more drastic change. I remember posting a study about this on apparalyzed many years ago whether I want to believe it or not, realistically and logically it's pretty fucking obviously true. The other factor that I remember was money and power extreme wealth and power will have people looking up to you, even intimidated by you again and completely different social dynamic, after quadriplegia even if they say they look up to you they're always looking down on you; and if they're intimidated nine times out of 10 because they don't know what to say and they don't understand,which I described as more of a uncomfortable nature rather than intimidation.

    You are what I call a hopscotch kind of dude, as you can tell my perspective, principles ideology viewpoint whatever you want to call it has never budged since the day of my accident, you used to spout similar stuff at me when I first joined only difference is now I have more knowledge on living with sci. Maybe outside of this online community your perspective on the subject has or hasn't, that's not my point what I do know for a fact is you were the first to call Clayton weak and cowardly for what he did to himself, yet so many times when you talk to me you often dive into my lack of strength and will to commit to suicide. You jump from one stance to the other to suit your argument when it is in defence of everything you believe about coping, this is a common very common approach to take when living with chronic spinal cord injury and being confronted about coping always contradicting always just believing what one has to believe in; to protect the foundation of their coping mechanisms depending on what is being addressed it's always as an attempt to make coping come off as the superior response to sci. Which for some it is, but for others it's not and it's not a matter of giving up, quitting, not being strong enough etc. it's not just you I've seen it in probably 100 other people on and off the Internet, and despite my mind trying to forcibly adapt and me becoming more accommodating and accepting of the injury and it's associated ilk, I always remember the deluded contradicting mentalities I've seen again and again and I just use that as motivation to never allow myself to enter such state for better or worse does not matter to me I want no part in it; often it has led me to my perspective of disdain towards other disabled! I would never think less of anyone for simply living with a disability, I certainly wouldn't think more of them either, but if they want to take up arms against me and have an argument and the fragile nature, borderline delusional written in contradictions becomes blatantly obvious and trying to make that come off as the superior, resilient, strong thing to do! that's where I start to have a problem...

    p.s you have this repetitive habit of describing some people's posts on here, mostly mine as bitching and whining etc. and it's becoming a lacklustre form of irony. It used to be hilarious but now it's just so ridiculous. This is a spinal cord injury form, for discussion on spinal cord injury shit if one person despises the disability as a whole they're going to tend to talk about that rather than talking about their fantastically fantastical ceiling lift, or outstanding commode, or they're truly wonderful catheters and all the exponentially exciting fast paced places with all the wheelchair ramps and handicap parking spots you can dream of. Just an FYI You won't ever catch me saying one even slightly good thing about such a deplorable blight on the species, other people feel the same way that does not mean that we sit around crying, bitching writing crappy poetry debating whether or not to slit our wrist lmfao, goodness gracious.
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    Quote Originally Posted by christopher View Post
    She's complete.

    I'm a pretty happy quad. Do I like having my ass wiped? No. But I don't ask much else to the guy I pay to do it.

    Finding happiness as a quad is about accepting a lot of shit that you would have found extremely humiliating in your previous life.
    well said! But for myself humiliation is not even remotely in the Realm to correctly describe how I feel there are no words. And it's not about my previous and or future life, it's just what I expect of myself in life as a whole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaper1 View Post
    Pretty much. What other choice is there? Live dependent or die.

    In a situation like this, the ability to tune things out - if that's how you want to define "delusion" - isn't a weakness, it's a freaking superpower.
    Again that would be a matter of individual perspective! But sci or not, if you lived by a certain code or had certain principles and especially made judgements based on these; lived your life with these always on your mind when analyzing things, and then had some kind of accident and all of a sudden went against your principles and/or minimal expectations of of yourself just to keep breathing; I would always described that as great weakness.

    An undignified procedure is undignified,however much dignity matters to you is up to the individual; but if that suddenly changes,and you re-alter everything, and get defensive because of it, or hide from it/run from it because deep down you know the reality all just to get by I'd say that's a problem,that would be delusion in my book.

    Delusion gets very troublesome when a quadriplegic changes his catheter and says to the World especially to ignorant people to analyze "see through hard work and positivity nothing is impossible" that kind of shit is delusion at its finest; spreading that shit in regards to SCI is spitting on the people that are going to be afflicted by this disability after you, not to mention spitting on yourself! Claiming you're fighting the disability by accommodating it on every corner, and or simply living with it is delusional. Fighting the disability would require aiming at defeating it,ridding the world of such filth that's the only way it can be defeated. It makes my skin crawl when I see people accommodating and accommodating constantly changing anything and everything around them, trying to change societies build and outlook on it literally condoning The disabilities continual existence in every way possible then they take to the Internet, or tell me in person " see I beat SCI". As it continues to ruin at least five people's lives every day, and then we the afflicted go in and try and generalize them not knowing one goddamn thing about them and assume hey despite 90% of his body being paralyzed there is still something out there for them, he would certainly rather do bowel care then die a natural death etc . Then just like The doctors repeatedly try to convince them it's OK living with SCI, it's OK being dependent, life can be just as great look at me I beat it ( View of a person being kept off the ground by a chair but with big smile and at least three different meds in them ) All in all Irony can be quite funny and sometimes it can be quite disturbing!

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    James, you can type forever, you can continue telling everyone here why you lost so much more and why it's so much harder for you to bear it all, your honour code blah, blah, blah, but it will change exactly nothing. You need care to continue living. End of. It's not a philosophical question. And coping with the situation day in day out does not equal embracing some idiot theory that sci isn't so bad. Stop insulting everyone's intelligence.

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    James' response to Oddity -
    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM View Post
    You are what I call a hopscotch kind of dude, as you can tell my perspective, principles ideology viewpoint whatever you want to call it has never budged since the day of my accident, you used to spout similar stuff at me when I first joined only difference is now I have more knowledge on living with sci. Maybe outside of this online community your perspective on the subject has or hasn't, that's not my point what I do know for a fact is you were the first to call Clayton weak and cowardly for what he did to himself, yet so many times when you talk to me you often dive into my lack of strength and will to commit to suicide.
    I was just quickly skimming the last few posts and this (in bold) caught my eye.

    So James, can you tell us more about this?

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    Interjecting this ... Hopefully you younger ones will NOT face decades of paralysis.
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

    T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12

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    Quote Originally Posted by eskay View Post
    In many cases. yes.
    I respect those who can acknowledge that their life has deteriorated beyond a point that is respectable to them. I don't think it's right to live a life dependent on others just to exist.

    Perhaps you enjoy someone wiping your ass?
    Or maybe you delude your mind just enough to where it doesn't bother you. Either way, congrats.

    It's difficult for me to have much self respect when having to endure the things that quads have to.
    I can't ignore my realities. And I can't respect indignities.

    Sure, I see things as they are, as they relate to me and the things I value and respect. Quadriplegia? Nah.

    As I said, I wish I could embrace it. It's not something I respect.

    Are you a complete quad? Just curious
    You don't have much self respect, nor feel you have much worth or value. That much is clear. The thing is, having respect for oneself or another person, and having respect for a condition (quadriplegia) are different things. You don't have to respect the latter, you certainly don't have to embrace it. You can despise it and you can even be disgusted by it.

    A condition is a state, it just IS. Quadriplegia is just a condition that IS, and like it or not, one really has no other choice (excepting death) than to deal. Some deal better than others. Some deal particularly well in even unimaginable circumstances. But learning to deal, maybe even dealing in a positive and hopeful way does not equate to respecting and embracing the condition, much less liking or loving it.

    What you respect is the person who is dealing with the condition.
    There is no 'dignity' in a condition. There's only dignity in HOW one deals with the condition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaper1 View Post
    James, you can type forever, you can continue telling everyone here why you lost so much more and why it's so much harder for you to bear it all, your honour code blah, blah, blah, but it will change exactly nothing. You need care to continue living. End of. It's not a philosophical question. And coping with the situation day in day out does not equal embracing some idiot theory that sci isn't so bad. Stop insulting everyone's intelligence.
    Ughh Figures! You are completely mistaken and misunderstanding everything I am saying. I am not talking about myself, I am talking about the situation as a whole. which means everyone who is injured and will continue to be injured! I did not speak with just myself in mind I provided real explanations to why certain people will never cope because of their individuality (hobbies, dreams, beliefs, expectations, principles, expectations, values etc.) and individual situation (previous lifestyle which obviously includes wealth/power good looks etc. And things like severity of injury, secondary complications, where they live, family etc.) , and other people are more predisposed to cope because of thesame factors. very quick overview. But if we are talking about me i'll explain: My problem is how I'm supposed to congratulate myself for living like this, and how people continuously complement me on the fact that I live with sci it is ridiculous it is a fallacy. When I talk to many disabled people some seem to believe they deserve some additional respect, or they believe them self to be mental Warriors, Often starts with insulting me or someone else for being weak. when I try to analyze, often through debate,but now it's getting obvious just by looking to some of the statements made. I can constantly see contradictions and jumping from one point to the other to constantly keep them self within their coping mechanism, more importantly a blatant disregard for reality and often trying to neglect the gravity of certain implications. which is fine there's nothing wrong with that ( for myself I find it disgusting but that's just me) but when someone has that perspective and takes a stance to claim that someone is weak because they don't follow suit that is a problem, that is idiocy and the irony again is very very palpable.

    Where does all of this stem from, (also keep in mind I'm only talking from a perspective and generally the basis of the most severe injuries that are fully dependent ) but this kind of mentality stems,in its creator which is modern medicine's treatment for sci. And since day one I have been completely repulsed by it. The doctors, the psychologist, the pharmacist it's all a repeated, recycled process their best tool is using reverse psychology Again I will use an example from my individual experience but keep an open mind I'm talking about the process as a whole. They find out that I was an avid kickboxer before my injury, "oh you could take all those kicks and punches but you can't take this" "I thought you were strong" more often than not I will hear it from other disabled people ( which is another one of the big guns, use someone who has already accepted and embraced the provided treatment ) it's part of the rehabilitation process and it's offered inside and out of the rehabilitation centres peer support that kind of thing. Of course to a new injury these people hold more merit there for impact when using reverse psychology and if that's what they have to resort to. In my experience ironically they don't tend to be severely depended injuries to try that ridiculous reverse psychology they tend to be more incomplete injuries, Low cervical and or paraplegics my hypothesis is that these are the kind of people that the whole process the psychology and ideology behind it fits better for them, it makes more sense after all they have the function to work hard they have to lift themselves, they have to dress themselves, they have to do their own caregiving it's a struggle and obviously with any kind of struggle the interpretation for resilience is there. But again for myself and other people, I find the attempt at reverse psychology calling me weak because I'm not all open arms about having my ass picked, being carried, cbeing cleaned wiped and coddled every single day to the point I think death would be more suitable treatment and I refuse to embrace it. My strength, my resilience is itrelevant because I lack the physical function to implement it, everything that I do on a regular basis is a result of someone else's Hardwork; I get to school or work someone got me there, if it wasn't for them I would literally be exactly where it is they left me. So essentially I'm supposed to consider myself brave, mentally strong by sitting around asking for; even worse expecting help all the time, I wake up and I'm just to assume someone's there to start my day it's disgusting. And so the perspective that wow I'm such a courageous individual for being cared for, accomplishing things that really I didn't accomplish myself is ludicrous and yes in my perspective to believe that is delusion...

    Why I want psychological evaluation on someone that has lived with very severe paralysis to the point where they're completely dependent for a long time, is because there would obviously be anomalies in fact I even think they would be visible on certain scans; if they worked at it it would certainly be identifiable one way or the other. there's many other conditions that I can use as a basis to extrapolate that this is true for example offhand Stockholm syndrome, institutionalization etc. as the mother of dragon said "people learn to love their chains". So whether they realize it or not, modern medicine's treatment for severe paralysis is two cotes us into a form of mental despair even damage that will lead us to eventually after a long enough time disregard our hopes and dreams, forget about our old expectations and/or principles completely forcibly adapt ourself out of desperation. Note the age old saying I've heard again and again "it took me five years" That makes me sick! What really bothers me is if paralysis was treatable ALL OF THIS our suffering, our coping mechanisms, our lifestyles the methods doctors and psychologists use, would all be; not only irrelevant but completely obsolete!! Think about it imagine if my paralysis were treatable from the moment of injury, but I looked to the doctors and my family and said "no I'm going to be strong, I'm going to be resilient and brave and I am going to live like this" and then I welcomed a lifestyle where my friends family, society, caregivers have to drain my leg bag, help me throughout my day with practically everything, I have to allow people to remove the stools from my bowls etc. If I was not murdered by my unnecessarily overworked caregivers and/or family, I would likely be admitted into a mental hospital and more than rightfully so! So with all of this in mind I cringe every time someone tells me I'm strong, or when aa disabled person tells me I'm weak because I despise this deplorable disability; and May in fact end my life rather than live with such "implications".

    Now when things get even more troublesome to me is the state of spinal cord injury research and how impactful these kind of "accepting coping mechanisms" are on it, even more infuriating it's basically created by modern medicine simply because it has nothing better to offer the victims. When a quadriplegic resorts to three months of starving himself, it's brushed under the rug and you know what that kind of thing is so so dark and tragic that no matter what it would most likely be swept under the rug because it just might put a damper on someone's day/perspective.there's many examples like the paraplegic individual that constantly goes around saying how amazing his life is literally condoning spinal cord injury without realizing it (that really pisses me off when they are a very minor injury, and then there's other people that are suffering c1 breaks which is why I wholeheartedly believe everything below C8 should be completely disassociated with anything C 5 and above they are not remotely the same condition, it's like associating fibromyalgia to MS or Parkinson's) then there's people who publicly express we don't need to be cured no matter what injury you are that's criminal! But here let's look at the movie best of me, got a lot of media attention, it was everywhere for a few weeks and what did we do with the media attention? Well instead of using it to emphasize The dire situation of high cervical severe spinal injuries (The character was a complete C4) and the importance and necessity for medical intervention, we the afflicted decided to go on a completely unproductive tangent that wasn't going to help anyone. What really made me sick was a bunch of paraplegics, and or (very visibleto the educated Eye) really incomplete quadriplegic's took to the Internet to make videos of them going up and down the stairs, wheelchair equivalent of surfing ( assisted belly boarding requiring at least decent arms and hands) riding motorcycles (actually driving the motorcycles with their own armsafter bungee cording their legs) etc. then they went on to say how offended they were, how ablest and stereo typical it was about "disabilities" yeah I'm sure to to a paraplegic The lifestyle of a complete C4 did look pretty mundane or as they say stereo typical like they fucking know. Other disableds went to Twitter to harass the actors, and other people just went out of their way to say how pretty much all disabled people love their disability and their life is even more Active and productive than most able-bodied people * cough * delusion. And then it died out and the media attention we haven't seen since Christopher Reeves was no more and many people have suffered very high cervical injury since then, many new and old injuries have considered suicide even went through with itcertainly many have continued to get very sick because it secondary complications even killed, and family continues to work tirelessly for a lot of cervical injuries. And at the end of the day it just showed a lot of very less severe disabilities and their luxurious ignorance, it also showed just how fragile in some cases even delusional some of their inspirational coping really was. And more than likely send a few donations else where! As someone with a high cervical injury there was nothing stereotypical about the movies portrayal of a quadriplegic lifestyle; not all of us are lucky enough to be incomplete injuries and able to regain function/ ability through hard work they briefly established this in the movie too.

    So here we are trapped in a chair, a lot of us completely dependent for next everything. I don't know iam under the deeply saddening impression that if one of us did get the opportunity to speak publicly to address the True gravity of the situation especially for the most severely injured ( A group that is often swept under the rug ) and they just went for it. They explained their daily schedule, they went into detail about what has to be done to them on a daily basis held nothing back for the sake of peoples lunches and their own fear of embarrassment/ disgrace. And then they went in to describe the helpless feeling when you're thirsty and having water a mere 3 feet away from your bed but not being able to get it,mine as well be on the moon. The harsh reality of having to ask for help constantly every day, and it's impact on feeling useless, pathetic and burdensome not to mention the fear of caregivers and or family getting fed up, angry and even quitting. The inability to even go out to do something, even a new found hobby like and cycling but not being able to go out to do it because you don't have anyone to help. The unavoidable increased financial demands. Of course they would obviously have to explain the undeniable health issues, the weak lungs and heart, never ending chronic infections as well as kidney damage and/or stones in the kidney bladder, diseased bones, a body constantly contracts and spasms rolling the limp body wherever it pleases. A constant reminder of the severity of the situation and your helplessness, the permanent damage that can take place with bowel and bladder care long-term even leading to deformities. A lifespan that is inevitably affected, increased likelihood for almost anything cancers, infections anywhere on the body, scoliosis, joint damage, stroke, cardiovascular issues etc. etc. all of which get worse The longer you are injured and greatly exasperates the inevitabledamage of ageing, most importantly almost all of which there's nothing you can do to help other than almost useless medicationand and or extreme surgeries and both of which definitely open the doors to other complications them selves. If it was done right, and truly explained the realityBest as words can there would not be a dry eye in the house. I truly feel that instead of support and additional push from the disabled community such a thing, a truly courageous thing would only be welcomed with defensive ridicule, whining and attempt to discredit their evaluation of reality from the disabled community. Which just makes me sick, oh what a brave courageous bunch we are trying to change the world... Yaaa
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