This film is another in a long line of thinly veiled hate films about people with is not a happy love story. It is a story about how there is no point in going on with life with a disability, and that the right way to respond to it is to be bitter, angry, and commit suicide so that no one else has to support you or you are no longer a burden on society. The AB attendant who falls in love with this man is another example of do-gooder "saviors" that appear in many such films, and they set my teeth on edge as well. If you like "Whose Life is it Anyway?" and "Million Dollar Baby", you will probably love this film.

The general reviews of the book and the movie I have read seem mostly positive, some calling it a love story akin to Jane Eyre/Edward Rochester.
What an insult to Charlotte Bronte and fine literature! It was not well written, and the comparison is totally bogus!