So I just seen the movie, I thought it's was great; very moving. And these aren't my kind of movies at all. But there seems to be a lot of backlash from the self proclaimed "disabled activist". They are talking about how the vast majority of disabilities (I am going to keep the focus on SCI as that's why we're all here and that's what happened to the character) want to live. Well fact is many spinal cord injuries have gone to Switzerland to end their lives, many have found other ways to end their life some resorting to starvation that takes longer than a quarter of the year for them to die; real bad, real ugly. but that was the only way they were able to do it with their limited function, I also know many wishEd they died (myself included) at the time of the accident. So "vast" majority I don't think so, majority probably definitely majority of injuries that want to speak out / have an opinion about it and arnt trapped in their house, group home, hospital. All of that is unimportant and irrelevant it's an individual's choice, I know our individuality pretty much gets thrown out the window after injuries. But I really just found it funny that they tried to find a sense of justification behind that tho. One thing for sure you doing what are you doing without a doubt the vast majority of injuries are paraplegic, low cervical and/or incomplete meaning they have or regain enough function to be independent, regain/ keep partial vital functions and sensations. The character in this movie is a C4, so I just find it so ironic when all these paraplegic activists are preaching about how for filling, independent and active their life is and it's not riddled with sickness and dependency , Well must be nice not everyone so lucky easy to forget though especially when you want to believe what they want to believe. they're also going on about how the Paralympics are coming up and all the amazing athletes that are paralyzed, funny I don't know of any events that allow people with literally little to no upper body function to compete in...

The most troubling thing is how they keep going on about how this movie makes disabilities look tragic etc. Um i'll point out that this movie made a C4 injury look very pretty and simple, he had all kinds of money too. It gave it oh so gentle description of autonomic dysreflexia " his blood pressure goes up and down" and the other main character the female caregiver that falls in love with him didn't have to get involved in what the movie called "the heavy lifting". So you know when he pisses and shits himself,and he has to be rolled around and cleaned have his legs pried open to get all in the cracks, sometimes by his friends trying to do something normal with the nurses around, get scrub down hair to the balls throw on a nice man diaper,Little bit of baby powder not before he has someone shoved their finger up his ass, Watch his body wither away head to toe no hope of rebuilding any other of it,all the time he lays in bed waiting for someone to get him outunable to even get himself a glass of water or changes his position ( spasms will probably do that for him but you can bet your ass it won't be comfortable or healthy), having to ask and beg for things many times a day, anytime he wants to do something me has to hope somebody's there to help them do it basically do it for him really. Crucial point he has the money to be able to pay people caregivers, nurse, DSW to be there on a regular basis and handle all activities outside of just you know eating, shitting and pissing. Then there's just the basic shit you know not being able to do the things he likes no matter how much money he has or how many people he has to help,no sexual pleasure and etc. etc. yeah that's not tragic at all right, fuck when I broke my neck I should've had a celebration I won a couple million dollars, right! now I'm just going to pay people to do everything for me no shame in that. I really just don't get it.

Then they're going on the boat how it plays the "Hollywood trend" better to be dead then disabled... HOLLYWOOD TREND that's hilarious, this kind of mentality is just sad and terrifying. Look long before Hollywood even existed people would injure themselves some would try and cling onto life out of fear and maybe they'd be the lucky few that would have someone willing to help and resources to prolong the inevitable for a short time, others were just left to rot and many most likely out of a harder time and a sense of honour end their own life if they could, ask an associate or comrade to finish it or just let nature take it's course. But guess what even in our pampering weaker time every survey I've seen the VAST majority would rather die than be paralyzed from the neck down, often citing being dependency ( being cleaned, having to have someone do everything and most don't know the half of it let's be honest). That will NEVER change, it is completely delusional to think it would and honestly in my eyes it shouldn't change. But we all know majority of them if injured will continue to live, fear being a big factor, lack of ability to do it another,hurting those close to them etc. Then in time their minds may adapt and adjust to their new parameters and they'll find contentment maybe even enjoyment in it, or maybe they'll wish they died that time. Fact is I never seen any Hollywood cripple shamming movies before my accident, never any magazines saying you'd be better off dead then quadriplegic, then giving me an article explaining why. Nothing, but guess what when I was laying in the ditch I told them to kill me, or leave me there in the hospital same thing. If anything Hollywood when it does rarely involve disabilities especially severe ones it makes it look a hell of a lot nicer than it actually is, doesn't go anywhere near the "juicy" details. I, nor anyone need Hollywood or anything for that matter to tell me that death is better than a life in dignity and full of dependency I can come to the conclusion myself, based on the individual they may or may not agree. For gods sakes I've read many articles, I've met plenty of old people, have family that are doctors own nursing homes pretty much of the elderly disabled or not say they're managing their life just fine but when they can't take care of themselves that's when they draw the line. So these "disabled activists" Notion about this "trend" I don't think they have anything to worry about with Hollywood convincing everyone it's better to be dead than disabled people figure out for themselves, come to their own conclusion.

(really I just think this is giving them something to whine about, they're jumping on it like God for bid we would use this attention to help cure research just a Nother example of why I hate being a part of this group most self-proclaimed inspirational/ strong un inspirational/ weak people ever; very aware that this isn't everybody with SCI but) The most troubling thing I've seen with this garbage, was this YouTube video of this clearly very overweight paraplegic going on and on about all The points I've already addressed complaining about this movie, saying how active her life is ( clearly very low injury maybe T6-12 evidently able to completely look after herself, go throughout days completely independently) then she starts to talk about her achievement of having six kids etc. how her life is not a tragedy,then out of nowhere she goes I do not need a treatment, I do not need to be cured!! And in my head I was just disgusted like ignorant, na?ve, defensive, person, I wonder how'd she feel if God for bid one of her kids had a c4 for injury like the character in the movie. Would she consider that a tragedy, would she have wished there was a treatment when her child literally loses over 90% of their body, would you feel guilty for not only not taking responsibility and partaking in helping bring a treatment and advocating for one ? If I were in her shoes and God for bid something like that were to happen I wouldn't be able to live with myself I'd look up myself making a video like she did and just be disgusted. You don't need a cure , You're all right sitting in a chair rest your life, you're able to be independent cool good for you, but guess what it's just about you and your coping mechanisms making yourself feel better about your obvious very touchy injury ( rightfully so , Just don't try and pretend otherwise ). Not everybody is lucky enough to get a T 12 injury, and even if they were it is still very wrong of you to try and express the unimportance of a treatment just because you accepted less. You don't want to play your part, you just want to get a terrible disability and then go on about life telling yourself you're an inspiration because you made it to the grocery store in a chair , Fine. Do not in anyway shape or form no matter how small ( not playing apart is bad enough) try and make that decision for other people... Just sad

I had to write about this, I'm just mind-boggling by what I've been seeing and some of the responses by these supposed inspirational souls,that just come out as fragile weak very selfish people. Getting all defensive over a fucking story, that we actually could've turned The attention into something good maybe not for ourselves but for the next generation not to be afflicted by SCI. We just have to be brave enough to let the public know about the ugly side even ( especially) Hollywood hides. let them see that it is urgent realize that there are injuries they can't even scratch their own face, people that starve, disembowel them selves to get away from this life. But nope most are just worried about their own acceptance, public perception. but truth be told I think a lot of people are scared to be normal again all of this nonsense just made that even more evident to me.