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    It's clear you don't understand the meaning of the words (respect, dignity, etc.) as they're being applied, or just simply refuse to get it as a convenient means to reinforce your critical judgment of others and satisfy your ego.

    And AGAIN, coping (be it productive or not) with that which is disgusting DOES NOT make the thing not disgusting.

    No need to continue repeating again and again to someone refusing to hear.
    Oh I hear you loud and clear, I understand your perspective all too well I just think it's ridiculous. Here's the definition because I just don't listen to the Alpha and Omega's:

    the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect.
    "a man of dignity and unbending principle"

    Well One thing we all know for sure there's a lot of bending of principles when it comes to "coping" with SCI, that certainly is not subjective. That is unless you were some kind of disturbing and disgusting individual in your "previous life ". Of course ones interpretation of honour/ principles is subjective, some people have higher expectations some people have lower ones, but I feel principles are pretty much universally The foundation of honour...

    If you're not going to read what I said, and continue only to look at and discuss my individual circumstance rather than the "situation" as a whole; then it's as simple as this: I'm not willing to permanently drop my expectations, and completely abolish (forget bending) my principals just to keep living a life where I am physically unable to do anything independently, let alone anything I truly value or enjoy. Frankly a life I find horribly repulsive to my core and have absolutely no desire to delude and pander myself to "adapt", using ridiculous one liners that appeal to the naive and desperate; and delusional reverse psychology (especially from sources that live the The repulsive lifestyle without any attempt at eradicating it for themselves and others basically the world, most likely wholeheartedly believe in the one liners) as motivation. Especially if I can contribute to something (provided my demise) that is FAR FAR more worthwhile then collecting cathaters and diapers. Fact is the cause is more worthwhile then pretty much any living thing on this earth will ever hope to accomplish,so I would be beyond honoured to contribute as much as I can even if it is minute...

    However If you'd actually like to discuss what I talked about, please let me know!
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