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Thread: Given peg 3350 solution for bowel movement

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    Question Given peg 3350 solution for bowel movement

    I've been given peg 3350 solution to clean out my full bowels. Started taking it this morning but I haven't felt the need to go, I just feel really full. I usually don't feel the need to go so I induce my bowel movements with the magic bullets every other day. It has been around 6 hours since drinking 2 liters of it and I was wondering if I should induce the feeling by taking the magic bullet and waiting on the toilet?

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    Why are you having the bowel clean out? Assuming you do not have a bowel obstruction, but instead severe constipation/impaction. No nausea or vomiting? Did you have an Xray or CT of your abdomen before you were directed to do a full clean out?

    You are probably OK to do the MB and your regular bowel care now, but if that doesn't work, you need to call your provider back and get checked for an obstruction if that has not already been done.


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