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    I am a ?3 incomplete fused C2 to T1. I have to have breast surgery in a couple weeks and I was wondering if anyone knows how this could effect my spasticity

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    Pain can cause spasticity to worsen. Do you have sensation in the area of the surgery? You should talk to your surgeon about pain management after your surgery BEFORE you have your surgery.

    What do you do for spasticity now? Are you on medication for it? ROM, special positioning? Also talk with your surgeon about what you will need to continue post-operatively in the hospital so that that alone does not worsen your spasticity.


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    If you are going to have to spend even one night in the hospital make sure you have the appropriate bed for you to prevent pressure sores. Would recommend some type of low air loss mattress/bed. Anything you use at home for comfort or otherwise make sure arrangements are made to have them for you at the hospital.
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