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    Response to KLD...
    There is a reason so many vets commit suicide every day. Most recent revelations said over 125,000 DIED while waiting on 'appointments' that were never made. Paperwork gets thrown in a trashcan<--news story....again, just like everything important, main stream propaganda...errr, MEDIA doesn't report these things. Do your own research. Turn off the tv, start searching REAL news. Government shills and those who play the game will lie to your face. There are SOME that are unknowing because they are naive enough to trust the government. I call those the willfully ignorant. The signs are all over, in your face everyday. BUT, just as long as Joe Schmoe can get up, go to his job, come home and eat 'food-like' substances that make him fat, sick and dependent on the health care system to keep him barely alive on a bowlful of pills a day, he's happy.
    People don't care. As long as they have the 'I support the troops' sticker on the trunk, they think they have done their part. Once again, if you REALLY supported 'the troops', you would get them back on OUR shores and stop overthrowing countries and trying to rule the world. Which was predicted by the way, God's word never fails. Time is almost up though. This evil isn't going to continue for too many more years.
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