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Thread: Jumping through the g0v h00pz for a chair again...

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    Arrow felt it needed smarrrtdriiiive!! in there somewh00rZ...

    You can find it very easily, I don't drink anymore though. I've got a power chair that I can trust to get me up to the tower now. You up for a trip there? I don't have a trailer but I have a truck. It's hard for me to get the chair in presently, gonna have to work on a way to make it fast, safe and easy.

    I got a letter from Medicare today, a copy of the one they sent to CARR Rehab about my chair order. says
    says I met the medical necessity requirements for the K0005 Manual Wheelchair...
    does not provide assurance that medicare eligibility requirements...secondary payer, etc have been met...
    Only upon submission of a COMPLETE CLAIM ...make a full and complete determination.
    Also this decision doesn't extend to the price that medicare will allow for the item...
    Payment amounts are determined upon receipt of the claim...

    In addition to approval for the wheelchair base, we have determined that the medical records support the medical necessity for all of the accessories in this request.(smarrrtdriiiive!!)

    I left out most of the blah, blah, blahs, listing what I determined to be the pertinent statements for someone familiar with the process
    to tell me, does this mean I get what I THINK I have asked for OR did the DME submit a PORTION of the whole thing to find out if I had medicare like I said...why would they submit a less-than all I asked for claim? Just afraid to get excited at this point. It LOOKS like I have what I THINK they ordered lol. Whether that FITS or not is an entirely different matter.
    Who can answer these paper-pusher conundrums or who has ever SAW such a thaaang as this?

    Twisted, inquiring minds(or part of ONE bumfuddled mind) wants to know...

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    Got my chair on 8 Dec 2016...that's 'I went to the DME and got it'. Not, they set a time to deliver and set it up for me. Started this process in the summer, weeks before my seating appointment at Pat Neal Rehab in Knoxville, TN, the appointment being 11 Aug 2016.
    Nothing about this went like it should have except for I have the chair, it fits, and Medicaire/Medicaid did a STELLAR job with no hassles, mailing me updates along the way without me asking!!
    I was worried that it would not fit, it does, making minor adjustments myself as is always needed with a new chair. I have a {states on the frame TRA] [paperwork calls it Titanium upgrade] Aero T with a Ride Java Back Support (regular or short height) version. It is a heavy son of a gun! Much heavier that any chair I have ever had. Twice the amount of tubing that is necessary for a chair. I think the back being so heavy in comparison to standard cloth backs makes it a lot more difficult for me to load/unload it because it throws the balance WAY off. The back wants to go straight to the ground in spite of my trying to wrestle it so it doesn't. I FINALLY found a way to get it to prop up on my door(seatback) and footplate to the ground so it doesn't get muddy and make getting the wheels on, difficult(more). Going to take some getting used to, finding the best way to break it down and set it up. I do a lot of getting in and out so believe me, I am trying different ways lol.
    Bad weather here so I've only had a few of those days out and about with it. The Smart Drive is like a UniK0rn to me...a maJiKal Beast I took it to Aldis grocery shopping the other day. Made pushing the cart a breeze, no more twisting the spine back pain, wearing out the shoulder connective tissue pain, run-away buggy aggravation, etc. I got to get all I needed(full buggy) and the only grioe was I couldn't get it all in the back seat area of my truck(removed the back seats). Going to have to take containers to organize it next time. I just piled it in and tried to drive like the normal slow-pokes so it wouldn't scatter home and opened the back door and a bunch-0-goodies fell out, one of the glass jars of sauerkraut broke in the mud. I managed to pick it up without bleeding and put it in my Smart Drive box that I had yet to throw away <check> It should be noted here that I was THEN in my new-to-me, powerchair I bought off ebay back in the summer for 250 federal reserve notes. You can't do ANYTHING in a manual chair, especially in 2 inches of mud. No way I am dumb enough to attempt using the SmartDrive in mud. I will only use it in the dry. Gotta make these items last until Jesus returns(soon).
    The skinny tubes on the frame make it more likely to slip when transferring as I have big hands. All the other chairs I have owned are large diameter tubes. At least it's TI so not as much worries dropping it on pavement/gravel exiting vehicles. About to wear holes in the other Al frames. Neither of which have all 4 wheels touching the ground at the same time. I have straightened them so much that I fear they will break if I do it again. Haven't rode the SpazzG since summer and was REALLY worried about the ZRA I was left solely with. It is paper thin at the front bends on both sides and rocked with one wheel about a 1/4 inch high at anytime. That's really interesting transferring on hills from the truck.
    The back at some point, I am going to have to make attachment parts a lot lighter for. If it were not so necessary, I would go back to a sling back. It is so nice having correct posture, breathe easier, way less pain from sitting for long periods and not feeling like I am going to fall out of the chair at any given moment(not hanging on for dear life). Didn't realize how bad my posture was until this year, when I saw a picture of me sitting in the chair. The Roho Quad Select and a 3/4 inch foam block for added height under the right read side gets my hips level. Going to take a while to get used to this all, as it still feels like sitting on the side of a hill, the change is so drastic. I got the standard eleventy seven spoked Shadow wheels, with scrawny 1 inch tires that I quickly changed with my Spox so I can have room for fingers between the spokes...REALLY, why would ANYONE make a wheel with 4 zillion spokes so that even LIGHT can't get trough them?? I just changed axles to a pair I had on hand and made a minor adjustment to the bolts for correct fit. I have been using >2 inch wide tires since about 2005 when I made my first trip to the beach since I lived on Galveston and had to be pushed on the sand at the beach (Thanks to many of care cures' finest chair fit instructors).
    Nothing I can think of at the moment, after rambling on so long. I will measure the tube thickness of this and the ZR I have on the wall to answer a question that arose on another thread, soon.
    BTW The list of UPGRADE charges that I paid out of pocket for this is as follows
    Titanium Frame 500 federal reserve notes <--fear of holes in frame acquired@highcost
    Composite wheel locks 75 federal reserve notes <~~who0oda thUnk brakes were an EXTRA!?
    Lite speed casters 50 federal reserve notes <--1.5x5 inch I don't live in a castle anymore lol
    Aluminum side guards 100 federal reserve notes <~~for a hunErT' smackers, I w00da went with wood

    pictures when the weather changes to good

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