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Thread: Jumping through the g0v h00pz for a chair again...

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    Jumping through the g0v h00pz for a chair again...

    Finally going to medicare to get my manual chair replaced after doing that route 7 years ago. I had also bought(mom paid) a Colours Spazz G (year earlier2007?) and a Ti ZR (2008) on ebay(i paid) then late 2009 got medicare to get the ZRa. Tore the rotator cuff bad and broke the top('knuckle') of the right shoulder in 2009 so that it was impossible to do surgery to anchor the ligaments as the top was broken but not displaced. It was really really painful just moving, let alone getting in and out of a truck every day. Took months to get pain meds prescribed also. Another story. ANYway, I am very hard on chairs and the Ti ZR was too small from the start but it made it easier to get in and out of the car(which I had to trade my truck in for due to shoulder). Good thing I had a GF at the time who didn't mind getting my chair out and in. Wore out the Spazz, Ti ZR and the ZRa is just about to break frame in 2 different spots. So knowing the headache I finally set the appts and got a chair set on paper. Got a smart drive(I think) and ready to go back on 11 August. Recvd a letter Friday saying I had to pay 950 out of pocket for extras. My sister wrote a check and I took it there today. Had the 'reinforced frame' dropped to save 250, I only weigh 125 lbs 6'2" tall. Paid 500 extra to get a titanium frame vs aluminum, I wear holes in AL quick. They are calling wheel locks an extra(w0w), and refuse to give me the spec sheet of the chair I ordered because I might take it to a competitor and bypass them. <dumbfounded> Haven't EVEN set the process in motion YET. Waited this long to tell me they can't start until I pay the 'extras' up front. Took my sister's check to them and got these words straight from the horse's mouth. I was overjoyed when at Patricia Neal seating clinic she suggested/let me try out the smart drive and COMPLETELY forgot to get a copy of the paperwork then. They gave me one set last time. Pat Neal is great, it's the DME... FF to 4-5 days after 11 Aug, I go to my truck to commence removing back seat and planning for a build on my design to get the chair in and out the back seat area. 2002 Tundra SR5, lots of room. Realize I didn't even know what KIND of chair, let alone dimensions. Been emailing and on phone a few times and all I got was a link to Ti Lite's website lol.

    I am going to lay the blame for this fiasco squarely on my own destroyed shoulders. I used to be smart, tough, might as well throw in good looking while I am lying lol. And would have got the paperwork and kept a keen eye on the entire process. Failed to, is all I can say. Yup, the thought of breathing easier from correct posture in a chair, not having to run over my feet, legs dragging me out of the chair at times, shoulders relieved of some pain by the smart drive...I was seeing Unicornz and butterflies again... call me whUpped
    Now I am back to sweating and worrying if they are competent enough to have gotten the measurements right, push the paperwork through AND get my smart drive OR am I going to be waiting 4 months for a misfit clunker set up for Marvin the Munchkin that I not only have to Duct tape myself in but continue to struggle to breathe from being slumped over and breaking my fingers every push of the Eleventy-seven spoked, tiny wheels. This has even got me to the point of thinking about going to the VA for the very first time and asking my uncle sam, who I kicked out of the family(notice, no caps on his name) after I got out, for help. You KNOW it is getting bad when I think like that. WelP, enough whining about my failures, I am going in here and look around at all the things I own that are non-functional for years, waiting on a chair that I can work out of, a mudhole replaced with concrete to work ON and weather (no rain) to cooperate with me, so I can FIX something a sell it. I think I may be needing to scour ebay for used stuff to scrounge up a mobility device such that I can get back to living like a broken human again. Remember folks, weebles wobble and they DO fall down. It just takes us a while to drag ourselves somewhere and push the chair in front of us, until we can get back in again and start over.
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