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Thread: high miralax doses?

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    high miralax doses?

    I've been taking 4 Miralax doses per day, that is 68 g/day. I've been doing this for a week or so. How long is it safe to keep this up?

    Note: it isn't very convenient, and makes it tough to leave the house, but I'm just asking for safety. It does work and not much else seems to.

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    I am sure no one knows, as it was not tested for long term use at such high doses. Have you had a bowel motility evaluation and screening for possible obstructive megacolon? A GI specialist really should be consulted.


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    I have seen a motility specialist but they don't have much terribly helpful to suggest. Rather, whatever they do suggest tends to stop working after a while. The specialist did say bowel motility test couldn't be done on me because one cannot take laxatives for five days while doing the test, which wouldn't work for me.

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    My recommendation is in conjunction with moderate Miralax use would be to eat a bag of raw spinach, make a salad with it. Add some bacon bits and some blue cheese eat two servings, and it is a great laxative, especially when you don't eat a lot of greens to start with.

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    Have you done a "poor man's" motility test? Eat some fresh or canned corn, then see when the stool comes out with the intact hulls. Of course this will also not be a true valid test if you are taking strong laxatives during the study.


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    Marijuana brownies work really well for me.

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    Are they made with the butter, or oil or are you choking down the plant matter? Strawberries work great in fact raspberries and blackberries are phenomenal at producing a bowel movement in 24 hours.and they taste great

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    I have been using laxatives for about 18 months with MB in mornings, what I wanted to know is it possible to slowly taper off to restore my previous level of peristalsis ? I am a para of some 40 years and am 60 years old, I have asked my GP and coli rectal guy and they just say keep doing what I am doing if its working which is not really an answer. I was using Dig Stim until a roid operation went pear shaped and the stitches came loose leaving my with scar tissue, and although now fully healed it is something I could have done without especially as I have explained before I was thinking I was getting banding.

    Have had an issue with pain in the neither regions like last weekend butt hole ached for 2 days and spent a lot of time resting in bed which is not a way to live your life, I thought that I may need to be more careful with finger checking after BM, for last 2 days motions reduced although diet has not changed and feeling slightly bloated. Have taken 2 Sena tablets last night as a change to see if it makes a difference and hope for the best. I have found post surgery that with the laxatives, once I transfer to toilet and push a little with tummy muscles I will get a gush but no further deposit after that, it seems that the Normacol Plus may not be working as effective as it was. Seem to be getting enough gas though although Post last weekend I did feel that the bowel had changed.

    Don't know how long it takes to develop Mega-colon SCI Nurse and it does not sound nice to have, if you take the poor mans test, what is normal and what is not ??
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    The pharmacist told me I could have up to 105g of Macrogol 3350 (8 sachets of Movicol) per day in a litre of water. Need to balance the risk of the occasional bowel accident versus developing eventual megacolon. 105g is the common dose for those on opiates or those with impaction. New painkillers include an oral opiate antagonist that acts on gut only when taken orally.

    I have been avoiding painkillers out of fear of the back blocks.

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