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Thread: High Blood Pressure

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    High Blood Pressure

    I have border line High BP 140/90 Been this way a few years not sure if i should take medication for it or not. Did a short trial of lisenipril (spelling) but it made me drowsy I take a lot of meds now hate to take another one Primary doc on the fence as to whether I need it or not What do others think I am t-8 complete 31 years post age 60 Do nurses and others think i should address this physical coming up would like info fro SCI community before i decide

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    My sister, not SCI, has a blood pressure in your range. Her doctor started her on a mild dose (25mg) of a diuretic called Hydrochorothiazide as a first line medication for blood pressure in the pre hypertension range.

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    that really isn't considered high. it is borderline high but still within the normal range. as GJ has said you could start on something mild to help control but it really isn't necessary. if you do decide to not start on anything however close monitoring should take place to keep an eye on things.
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    I have a home monitor not sure how accurate it is . But i need to do the 2 week twce a day thing to see what my average is.

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