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    I started developing a hemorrhoid a year ago, and it has gotten worse recently. I then noticed a second one a few weeks ago. They are both external. I have occasional bleeding but they're both growing rapidly. My aid does dig stim and the hemorrhoids are really hurting when she does this. Is there something I can tell her to do differently? She uses a lot of lube and doesn't do it for more than 15 seconds at a time, but I do require a lot of dig stim to get everything out. I'm going to buy preparation h and witch hazel wipes tomorrow, and am also looking into peristeen. Anything else I should do? Whenever I've added fiber to my diet I've gotten super constipated, but my stools are not very hard in general.
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    Unfortunately hemorrhoids are a part of life for most people with SCI. Keeping your stool soft with enough dietary fiber, fluid intake, and stool softeners will help, but having to use dig stim does tend to cause them even when done correctly. If you have excessive bleeding,pain, or AD due to hemorrhoids, you need to see a good colorectal surgeon for treatment.


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    Also, in the new issue of New Mobility magazine there is an excellent article about hemorrhoids in people with SCI. Check it out:


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