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Thread: Bruised spinalcord

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    Bruised spinalcord

    I'd like to know if there has been anything done to find a cure for a bruised spinal cord?

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    no, scientists are working on it and have been working on it for a long time.

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    I think most spinal cord injuries are bruised spinal cords so when you talk about curative therapies for spinal cord injury it is most of the spinal cord injury community. Many darts getting thrown right now...something has to stick.

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    medically they call it "contusion" but like he said all SCI's are bruised but each injury depends on how much it was bruised and how well it heals. Yes there are many darts and hopefully not only one sticks but a combination might be the solution since there are so many SCI's and each one is different. I don't know if there will be one size that fits all.

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    Docs or nurses got anything else to add?

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    Rarely in traumatic SCI is the spinal cord cut or physically severed. Most often it is bruised, crushed, pinched, or has its blood supply cut off (infarction). For the most part, therapies being researched for spinal cord cure do not differentiate between these different mechanisms of damage. Non-traumatic SCI such as stroke, abscess, infection, tumor, or autoimmune diseases (such as TM or MS) are more likely to require different cure strategies from the traumatic causes.


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    KLD you have me lost my bruise is a traumatic cause. What are they doing for these kind of bruises, electronic stimulation or something else?o

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbreeze View Post
    I'd like to know if there has been anything done to find a cure for a bruised spinal cord?
    A bit off-topic, but the other day I was in the shower and I could feel the pulsing water on my right foot and much less on my left foot, but still could sense it. My heart sank to realize that I’ve been in this situation almost 20 years when it seems as if the connection is there, but just not enough to be my old self. So much for intelligent design. If there’s a god, I want to fucking thank him for his screwy mechanisms.

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    Le Todd I have sensation in my right foot also. Mine started about 7yrs. ago but it hasn't progressed any.

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