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Thread: Apple watch

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    My watch is up to date and this isn't on there. Must be different across the pond?
    I'm in the apple developer program for my work, so you get the beta releases as soon as they come out.
    Until nearly full release they are full of bugs, so best to stick with the released version.

    I don't think you are missing out on anything though, nothing has changed how I use it for the better.

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    I have every toy god made available, one would think I am trying to compensate for something :-)
    whist i use the Apple watch for lots of stuff (including getting incorrect heart rage readings), the most useful feature is the peace of mind it brings me: in every situation, at all times, I have a phone I can make emergency calls from.
    No more falling in the shower and discovering that your phone is in the bedroom.... You can place a call at all times, in any situation ( and even secretly enjoy looking like David hasselhof calling KIT...)
    'the upcoming wheelchair features could be a plus...

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    I'm hoping for some features to use it for seizure detection and as a mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS). I sent them a long list of requirements that we would find useful a few years ago, and hope they eventually do it.
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