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Thread: Inspirational story

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    Quote Originally Posted by trekker6 View Post
    I can't do 10 miles now either, I got small cell lung cancer last year and got chemo and radiation, got very sick with salmonella, camphylobacter and c-diff because of the chemo killing my white blood cells, but the worst was brain radiation, I lost leg strength and balance, some brain damage too, so I'm slowly rehabilitating, am planning to try riding soon, mostly I have a lot of fear, but maybe I'll get over it, if I can do it, i'll get an electric bike to train with. Right now I'm so bummed I can't ride my bike it's a santa cruz heckler I built up from a frame.
    Trekker6 and Cajun, Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to the e-bike idea, especially for mountain biking or getting back to riding. I was able to buy a Felt Duale back in April 2015. It's a serious full suspension mtn bike with the Bosch pedalec system. I've been able to return to mountain biking because of it. Previously I would try to access my mountain (just in front of my house, literally) with my regular mountain bike. By the time I climbed to the better trails I was too worn out to enjoy them. The e-bike is very intuitive. It knows when to kick in with assist, and when to stop. Now I'm riding 14 to 18 mile rides on the mountain. It makes me feel like super man, seriously. I've been teased some by the younger riders as a "cheater", but I tell them my story and they back off. Although e-bikes are expensive they are worth it.
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    Something has been improving lately, I was getting testosterone injections but I quit, didn't feel comfortable with some changes so I quit a few years ago, a few months ago I started using clomiphene (clomid), which makes your testes produce their own testosterone, got a blood test this week and my testosterone was 928, which is high, so I'm dialing it back a little, it is off label use so it's hard to find a doctor to prescribe it, but there are a lot of studies showing good results for clomid in men.

    I'm 65 so my test was low around 240 after my sci, which is low but not unusual.
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