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Thread: CES symptoms, "normal" MRI

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    CES symptoms, "normal" MRI

    Hello, this is my first post in the forum.

    I had a recent back injury which by feeling and symptoms to me indicated a disc problem in the lower back. X rays were normal and I have no history of back problems though my employment (past 2 years) has involved a lot of bending, lifting, twisting, pushing/pulling, a lot of walking and standing, and the injury occurred at work lifting a heavy object (80 lbs bag of concrete). Before the injury, I felt strange sensations in the lower back which were nerve related especially when walking and pushing/pulling (loaded carts, etc.), that seem to be related.

    Initially the injury felt like a flash or a tingling wave of some kind, and then tightened into a "ball" or "knot" type feeling in the center of the lower back. There was discomfort and physical limitations - couldn't run freely, restricted agility, etc., and after some days some nausea, unease, and overall weakness (not in any one area).

    CES symptoms began about 4-6 weeks after the injury, I began to feel numbness in the legs and groin and then reduced feeling in the groin, with reduced sexual feeling though still sexual function. Most recently there is increasing urination and constipation, instead of regular, natural bowel movements, they are infrequent, smaller quantities and aided by caffeine or some altered diet, or laxative. I had an MRI not too long ago which according to one specialist and the MRI radiologist is "normal." I find this hard to believe and more likely consider that the MRI missed the disc issue or the doctors did. In particular the L4-5 disc seems to be bulging (axial view of the MRI). In this case it seems another MRI is necessary, the first was laying down and that may have something to do with the reading.

    I'm not sure if the back injury itself has improved considering all the ibuprofen I'm taking though it seems to have improved slightly however CES symptoms are still there. There is a slight improvement in agility (jogging a few yards), not much pain, but some burning in the injury area especially without ibuprofen. I was told "I do not have CES" because (according to the MRI) the cauda equina is not compressed but there are CES-I (incomplete) symptoms. I think I need a sitting MRI and a second opinion considering this. Symptoms are frequent urination, constipation, reduced sexual function, weakness (overall) and the back injury. These symptoms were not present before the back injury and overall health was also good before injury. I'm 28, and male.
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    Have another MRI, have it read by Neurosurgeon.
    Where did you first hear about CES?

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    CES usually results in urinary retention and inability to hold bowel movements.


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    I would consult a physiatrist - a physician who specializes in rehabilitation. Take your MRI with you and get an opinion


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