[FONT="TimesNewRoman]My husband's new children's book! Please check it out! https://www.facebook.com/WeCanGoAnywhereBook/
Glen Dick?s new children?s book, ?We Can GoAnywhere: My Adventures on Daddy?s Chair?, was a labor of love that was a longtime in the making. Love and imaginationtransform a wheelchair into a source of adventure and freedom in this new bookabout a disabled father and his daughter. The book launches today from Black Rose Writing Publishers.
[FONT="TimesNewRoman]After 20 years of being paralyzed and finallybecoming a father, Glen wanted to write a book for his daughter. Through her sense of imagination and wonder,he finds new adventures every day and he wanted to capture that in a funstory. What resulted was a story aboutliving with a disability and the strength and resiliency that result, but inits truest sense, it is a story about the love between a father and a daughter. The book is beautifully illustrated bytalented artist Linda McManus.[/FONT]

?WhenI was first injured, I thought my chances of marriage and fatherhood were gone,?said Glen Dick, the author of the new book. ?To everyone struggling with life after tragedy, I say ?Find thepositive, don?t lose hope. Your heartand your mind will take you farther than your body ever could have.??

Thanks! Monica Dick, wife to Glen Dick (C4-5 quad from spinal cord injury in 1995)