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Thread: Spinergy 540 rims and mountain bike tires

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    Spinergy 540 rims and mountain bike tires

    Does anyone know if putting knobby a on 540 runs will work? If not will knobbys work with round Betty's Dino's?

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    kenda 1 3/8 knobbies work fine. the big ones 2 1/4 might be tough to fit the spinerys

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    I was able to get the Kenda Nevegal Black Knobby tires (54-540) to work on Spinergy rims, but the tire seems pretty wide for the rim. I then tried the Kenda Kross-Cyclo (K161) (37-540) and they work well.

    And it looks like if I adjust the wheel locks a bit, I should be able to use the same setting for both my 540 wheels (with Kenda 37-540 knobby tires) and my 559 wheels (with Schwalbe Marathon 25-540).

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