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Thread: Fractured Femur

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    I had a fractured distal femur in 2001. I had to talk the doctor / ortho in to doing a rod. ( I actually broke both legs in a forward fall, tib/fib on right leg) My femur was completely broken, the leg would have turned 360 degrees if I let it . Seems to me it would depend on what sort of fracture you have.

    I ended up with a good honest ortho who told me, "I don't know spinal cord injury but I can fix long bones" so, I knew the SCI part was all up to me. I got an, "intramedullary rod" aka 'IM Nail procedure' and have no regrets 15 years down the road things are still stable . I am cautious not to torque it because I know the bones the rod connects to are osteoporotic . I had a couple tough weeks after surgery but really not a lot of time in bed. I would wear a cast / immobilizer that fit under my pants. I also had to get and put elevated footrest on an old Quickie GPV I had ( rigid but with removable footrest) to keep leg straight.

    I could transfer into my car passenger side and would go get checked by ortho. Healing was going slow and we went with Electronic Bone growth stimulators, they jump started things and ultimately sealed the deal.

    Again I think it will depend on what kind of fracture you have but this is what worked for me.

    I will add too that I was 23 years post injury when I fractured I think how far along your bones are makes a difference in healing time, outcomes, etc.
    Good luck with getting running again.

    IM Nail procedure:
    I agree.
    Bone simulators are usually covered by insurance. They are easy to use at home. I urge consideration of a full length rod in the femur if suitable for the fracture. The deconditioning that will occur a when bedfast can really drag out recovery. Also, the rod will reinforce the femur and help strengthen it. With osteoporosis, that should not be overlooked.
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    What kind of fracture? first, second, third degree? this should dictate the treatment.
    i had a spiral fracture of my femur 30 years ago. dr put two plates and 26 screws to put it back together. Next day i was back in school, changed dressing everyday and it was fine. I'm against the rod down the bone deal. Seen many problems with that.

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    Hey everyone ! I'm attaching a few X-ray pictures that I got from the hospital today.

    Can anyone comment on these ? Do you think I'll need surgery ? I see the doctor tomorrow at 11.

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    looks to me like a displaced fracture so yes i would think they would operate to get the alignment correct. However the doctor is going to be the best person at reading X-rays. good your seeing him tomorrow good luck.
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    March 2014 I fell and had a comminuted r distal fx. No rod due to many pieces so I Got plate and screws. I had spinal anesthesia with sedation. I took Vit D and calcium, spent a lot of time in bed with leg elevated. Have severe Osteo. On Forteo now. Over 1 year later still not completely healed . I try to do standing frame daily. Weight bearing stimulates bone growth. BP was difficult due to leg extension as well as bp fluctuation. Blood clot is s real risk but I still have my IVC filter from my injury. Good luck, it is a bummer. I did do pt mainly for knee strengthening.
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    Meant to say March 2015
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    Oh my, wouldn't you think that needs to be put back? I do, but I know next to nothing as I've only had a cracked femur. Mine was on the top end and pinned. I'd think this will require something similar.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    I think this needs serious attention. IMO misalignment could result in range of motion problems.
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    I just got out of my orthopedic appointment. He said that I can either wear a brace for 6-8 weeks and let it heal on its own or have a surgery Monday morning.

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    Did he say what she surgery would entail?
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