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Thread: C5/6 Workout

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    Thank yall and I subscribed roc21

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    I subscribed to both. There are a few channels out there of quads sharing their workouts. Very helpful and encouraging to see others in our situation not giving in. The videos also give more training ideas that everyone may have not thought of yet. I want to post more videos, but always think I don't know enough about training so I've mainly posted short compilations of some things I work on. But I hope to start posting more to help others out there still trying to fight. Here's one of my videos: I've been injured a long time but still believe and know I can be a lot better. And I believe there are others out there who know they can be better too. It's just not a easy path. But we can help each other. Keep fighting.

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    Thanks for posting. I have always thought about joining a gym but didn't think they had much for us. Thanks for showing me that I was wrong.

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    I was nervous about going at first but now I have a new group of gym friends that also helps me if needed. I'd like to be able to transfer onto some of the equipment which I've yet try.

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