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Thread: Is this burn infected???

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    Exclamation Is this burn infected???

    I burnt my leg on Wednesday and have been doing my best to treat it. However, I did have plans to go adapted water skiing so I did. Is this to the point that I need to see a doctor or can I keep putting that silver stuff on it?
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    Yes, it looks infected. Third degree burns like this should always be seen and treated by a physician immediately after they occur.


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    KLD that does not look like a 3rd degree burn to me at most it is a very bad 2nd degree burn. but yes each it does look a bit infected. i would at this point keep it covered with a triple antibiotic ointment and also see your primary doctor for further care.
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    2nd degree burns do not result in eschar like this. It is 3rd degree.


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    Oh Rachelle ... Next time open wound - no body of water, especially in this heat with brain-eating amoeba out there! Never know what's in there and your skin is your armour - take extra caution when there's a chink in that armour.

    ETA: The latest victim -
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    i will not go into any freshwater lakes or rivers with any open wound. MAny of the lakes i used to swim in, i am vary wary of due to previous ear infections /sinus infections after swimming in the waters. There are so many different waterborne disease, illness, parasites In My area of the northeast USA the Canada Geese have been nesting year round and overpopulating the lakefronts and riverbanks for 20 plus years with no action by the state. Their droppings have created real health hazards, very few of the lakes are tested for water quality for swimmers in NYS
    Even the ocean beaches are closed after heavy rainfalls due to the sewage plants opening the gates to prevent the plant from being flooded and Out of service for years to rebuild.
    you really need to be careful when going in the water and do your own safety check.
    Hoping that wound closes up so you can enjoy the summer
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    silvidine covered by gel sheet and then telfa non stick pad, secured by silk tape
    change am/pm
    spray gently with wound cleanser spray when redressing
    do not allow direct spray in shower, will traumatize wound, keep dressing on in shower
    when done showering, remove, allow indirect water flow and gently soap suds
    keep it moist, not dry, very important
    air it out when changing a bit, after cleansing and reapplying silvidine
    it's serious stuff, you're looking probably 2 months or more

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    What kind of gel sheet? I've been putting silvidine on it and covering with a non stick pad. Leaving it open at night

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    And if this burn is indeed infected, home care as described is not enough, you need to see a wound care specialist to get the proper care. Why risk septicemia?

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    It should be covered 24/7.


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