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Thread: Finally "fixed" my GPU

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    Finally "fixed" my GPU

    Coincident with upgrade to Win10, my video card (Geforce GT 640) has been acting up for a few months now. I tried "everything," including many, many different drivers with many, many different power settings. My PC would freeze if monitors didn't turn off in 1 minute, and would never wake from S3 (hot boot required).

    I tried "everything" except reading the specs' fine print.

    You see, I was using three displays: two DVIs and an HDMI. The DVIs are together in my home office; the HDMI serves the TV in our living room. They worked fine for a couple years that way.

    Then, roughly coincident with upgrading PC to Win10, we upgraded our TV from 1080 to 4k.

    Today, I disconnected the HDMI, got PC working fine with only one DVI, then reconnected the 2nd DVI. Now the PC no longer sees the TV (we got ROKU for it anyway, so we no longer needed the connection to PC). PC is working fine now . . . whew !! I was about ready to buy a new graphics card and maybe even a mobo bundle.

    You see, according to GT 640 specs, 4k resolution is supported* . . . <asterisk fine print> unless video card has two DVI connections !!
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