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Thread: Help me come up with a training plan for success please

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    Help me come up with a training plan for success please

    I'm an incomplete quad, always exercising knowing that I can be better. Today I watched a video wit the father saying his injured son before he really started training properly was basically growing into his wheelchair. I'd never heard this said before but it is so true for me. And I know sometimes that's the best we can do, but I also believe we can fight the wheelchair and try to be better. Whether it's a little or a lot better makes no difference.

    I do what I can exercise wise and am limited by my mobility or need of help to try to train different ways or muscles. I can't stop or give up because something is better than nothing.

    When I try to think about what I need to do first to get to where I know I can be I get a bit overwhelmed because there is so much that can be done exercise wise.

    But my thinking currently is finding and practicing a few basic movements that are functional that will build strength and function and mobility. And as those few things get better it will open up even more possibilities of training for me.

    The first one that I think would be huge for me to train regularly is sit to stand. Currently my wife helps me stand. If I'm sitting on the edge of the bed it is too low for me to stand. But what if I sat on a higher surface with a walker or something in front of me to hold on to and am able to practice sit to stand. That would build my quads and make standing up easier correct? And would it only improve my ability if I lower the surface and practice standing from lower heights?

    And then at the same time as I'm standing I could practice letting go the walker and balancing. But I always wonder, does just standing and practicing balance actually build stability? I always feel like more should be done, but not sure.

    So practicing sit to stand I think is doable and would be huge to me.
    But what would be the next one or two things to focus on? Lying flat, turning side to side? I'm not sure at all but know that if I could focus on a handful of very crucial movements that it would reap success. I greatly appreciate any help with this.

    I hope some of you out there relate to where I'm coming from.

    That is all for now, thank you!

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    It's really worth the cost to find a P.t. that can set up a routine with you.

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