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Thread: Travel to Ireland in September

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    Travel to Ireland in September

    Many years ago:soon after my original accident, I posted about wanting to return to Ireland for vacation. I had a lot of reservations, mostly around the fact that I had taught primary school there, was very active and hiked and horseback rode all over the country. my feet were my transportation the whole time I was there. I liked the spontaneity of going and doing what I wanted when I wanted and with whomever I wanted. I was concerned that it would not be the same. Many encouraged me to go, reminding me it will be different but different isn't necessarily bad

    Well, on September 10th I am heading to Ireland for the first time since my accident. I traveled all over NA and Canada as a ski racer after my accident, but this will be my first real overseas travel and it is long, long overdue. Most of my time will be in Antrim and Donegal . with a few days in Dublin. In Antrim I will be staying with friends as well as in a cottage at the sea and a hostel in Belfast.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for affordable and accessible accommodations in Dublin. Also, any suggestions for traveling with my Service Dog, Earle. We have done the paperwork, but any tricks of the trade to make it all simpler. It will be Earle's first flight.
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    I traveled to Ireland last September in a power chair and it was a fantastic trip. I can email you the article I wrote about it if you give me your email address. I went to Dublin, Kilkenney, Killarney, Dingle and Nenagh and back to Dingle. Would love to go back and go north to Galway and Donegal.

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    Enjoy your trip, Aidan!

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