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Thread: EMC A\EVIT 2.0 & 2011 Honda Odyssey

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    EMC A\EVIT 2.0 & 2011 Honda Odyssey

    Just want to see if anyone is looking for a High-Tech driving van. I have made good strength and mobility gaines and can reduce equipment for driving. Not cheap; but half the price of new.
    2011 Honda Odyssey XL-NAV
    VMI Northstar in floor ramp conversion w/ rubber flooring
    38,000 miles
    Black w/Grey leather interior
    EMC AEVIT 2.0
    WL- series w/Tri-Pins
    Electronic Parking Brake
    EZ Lock Wheelchair Dock

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    Do you have any pictures?

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    i'll post pics but need to find a site to upload them to first.

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    having poiblems posting pucs; if anyone is intereste in pictures send me a PM with your email and I will get some to you.

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    Sounds like you've got a nice low mileage ride. Why not remove the EGB and install hand controls. ? If that is the way your going ?

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    Is this still available?

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