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Thread: ADI fixed elite hardware sliding on anyone else?

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    ADI fixed elite hardware sliding on anyone else?

    I have a fairly new ADI carbon back with their fixed elite hardware on a TR3 with titanium backrest tubes. I have tightened the clamps (allen socket on a 12" ratchet) to the extent that I can't even loosen the screws without stripping them and the clamps still slide down some after a few days. I have a 10" back with the deep contour sides, so I understand when I lean to the sides it puts more lateral force on the clamps. But still, this stuff costs too much to have this problem. It's like the inside diameter of the clamps is a fraction bigger than the backrest tubes. Anyone else have this happen, or have a solution?

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    A good picture would help, but if you suspect the clamp to be larger than the tube, see if you can file some from the clamp w/o weakening it or put a shim between the clamp and tube. Post a pic so I can see, then I will know to better answer you.

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