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Thread: mazda CX-5

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    mazda CX-5

    looking at a mazda CX-5 anyone have one and how are they for transfers i am looking at a used 2014 model.
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    Look on U-tube for a quad that get in his and has a home made chair loader.

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    You are looking at the SUV and not the microvan, right? That's what the CX-5 is, just making sure. I've never seen that specific model, but for an SUV it sure does look lower to the ground than most others. If it's the standard 5 you're talking about, yeah that's my YouTube vid with the homemade chair loader.

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    yes it is the suv cx-5 i did end up getting it and i love it so far transfer is a bit harry at first but i am sure i will get the hang of it, it does help i am able to stand a bit if i hold onto the door. can you put a link of your loader please i can't seem to find it
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    Glad to hear it, they look like a decent vehicle for those that can do the transfer and pull the chair apart. Keep us posted as you improve with it.

    Here is the link:

    I'll be making a similar setup for a Chrysler Town and Country in the next few weeks and will make another video once I dial it in.

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    Have you ever considered the Speedy-Lift?

    I know its expensive but I really think the value shows by how much easier it is to get in and out.

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    The speedy-lift is what I was going to get until I found out it was $6k, which is what inspired me to do my own. This thread is more about the CX-5 which speedy-lift wouldn't work with the standard rear door.

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