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not to bash on you but I'm the same level as you and why would you need someone overnight?
I don't live alone but I only need someone MON-WED-FRI bowel care/shower 3 hours TUE-THU-SAT-SUN 1-2 hours to get me up and come back to get me in bed everyday - 30 mins max
Caregiver should prepare food for you so you're good for the day. I use a small oven to heat up food and a cripper from quadtools.com to grab stuff from the fridge - if you really have/want to move then you must have a cripper reacher, it saved me a million times. BTW every quad should have one imho.

I doubt any insurance will pay for overnight stay
remember dude no two injuries are the same, I know incomplete C5s that function like paraplegics, and then I know completes that can barely move their arms, or have one arm that is far less functional. Then there is secondary complications like a synrix can you take away function and make people very weak, something people have minor spasms, no spasms and then other spasms where they can't even tilt forward in their chair safely without being thrown out potentially, tendon damage in the shoulders etc. I'll never be able to even transfer, without a stem cell injection or a spinal stimulator. Proper shower not going to happen, bowel care on my own simply and utterly impossible which is beyond tragic/ disgusting. Even driving with hand controls would be too dangerous, my concern lies for other people mostly with my complete lack of sensation in my arms and hands meaning I have to keep an eye on them to know where they are and what they're doing hand eye coordination is not possible,inability to pronate the right arm and compromised right shoulder function, Full body unrelenting spasms among other things.

when it comes to spinal cord injury it's completely illogical to assume what one is capable of when we enter the cervical regions especially C-5 and up even the slightest of functional difference makes a world of difference slight finger functioning, forearm pronation, wrist function etc. I think a lot of incomplete injuries, don't realize the subtle differences they have and their impact, I have another acquaintance that's an Asia B Big difference with his shoulders, forearm, wrist function etc. but even minor upper body sensory function opens a whole host of doors. Intensive rehabilitation only benefits certain injuries it seems to be the majority but some few aren't so lucky no matter how much they spend or how hard they work