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Thread: What do people typically do with their old powerchairs?

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    What do people typically do with their old powerchairs?

    My daughter has ordered a new powerchair. We are retiring her first chair, a Quantum 6000 with elevator and tilt. She has a good working manual that will be her backup/second chair.

    Is there any reason to keep the old powerchair? I don't see any reason to keep it, but I thought I would ask. What do you do with it if you don't plan to keep it? Sell it? Donate it?
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    I usually keep one powerchair as a backup. When a repair is needed it can sometimes mean weeks w/o your powerchair.
    Is the new chair also a quantum? Are any of the parts like tires compatible with the new chair? It is great to be able to grab a tire or arm rest part or even a joystick or cable from your old chair while the dealer gets you a new part.

    I donate to the MDA loan closet at times. I know some that trade in towards their deductible. There is always ebay and craigslist.

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    As a wheeler couple we have 3 old (bought as used) power chairs and about 4 manual chairs. Some we cannibalize for parts as needed. One of the power chairs came in handy for a family member who visited from out of town and had significant walking limitations at the time. She was able to tool around in our yard and said she loved it. Several times we have donated chairs to wheelchair sports programs.
    If you have room to store it, you may want to consider saving it. If a breakdown occurs, as Tonyy indicates, it's nice to have a backup. Important to keep a charge on it though.

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    As already stated; you can keep it as a spare if it (they)has not been troublesome. And keeping it is not too much trouble, scavenging one for parts is as always a good idea. Converting one for rough surface use like for visiting the beach or going fishing is another use.. I have several of the same make and model that I tinker with. Everyone's conditions are so very different so it is difficult to suggest what to do.

    If you decide to sell or donate it (them) I suggest a good service organization that actually does the things they have pledged to do with them. I hate cheaters! Ebay or Craig's list are always an outlet for unused items.

    There are some good 3 stage chargers available on the internet sales stores fairly inexpensive at that, or place your charger on a timer with some time not charging so it will reset its own system when turned off. This pretty much applies to built in/on chair chargers or the older ones. The battery chemistry likes to remain fully charged it extends the battery life span.

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