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Thread: Quad belly Help!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by darty View Post
    I know for me it is diet related, carbs are my downfall. I do a theraband workout that helps and I estimed for years before I quit that.
    Looking good Darty.
    Nice theraband system.

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    Mine took 45 years to reach its current size. It might not be as severe as the camera angle makes it look. The waist of my pants is 38," up from 36" about 3 months ago, I almost went cold turkey on sweets and desserts, but those carbs might be the culprit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott C4/5 View Post
    You're a fairly new injury. My belly didn't start bulging until like 7 years post injury and it wasn't fat, at that time.

    Also, torso length is a factor.
    Im 6'4", any tips for the future?
    C5-C6 #quadlife

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    Wear a binder, eat healthy, exercise all you can and if you have muscle tone now, perhaps e-stim would keep your abs tight(er).
    By the way, I'm 6'6".

    PS If someone kids you about the binder, say its for blood pressure.

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    The squad belly might have shrunk a little bit,

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