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Thread: Quad belly Help!!

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    Quad belly Help!!

    Hey guys. I have a decent-size quad belly and I was wondering if there's anything that could help me slim it. I know some people use Electro stimulation and I definitely want to try that but I don't know what's a good brand that strong enough. I have a nice time machine that has to sticky pads but I'm not sure where to place it and even if that would help the corps overall. My idea stem unit would be something I could just wrap around my belly that covers every app to strengthen the muscle enough so it doesn't stretch out. What do you guys do to help with the belly? I have a stoma next to my belly button so wrapping my belly tight with the girdle type thing doesn't really work well for me.any response is awesome I really appreciate it. Thank you guys for being here for me

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    There is mixed review on e-stim for this issue. It certainly doesn't hurt, but I would not expect miracles from it. Are you able to do any abdominal exercises?Even a little may be more effective. Interested to see what others post.

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    I kind of gave up on mine

    It's too far gone.
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    It's a monster.

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    I've been dieting and have lost a little of my belly, but was considering the e-stim route, just to say I tried. Would it be best to get one of those stim-belts or a tens/ems unit?
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    It's huge at any camera angle

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    I think if I had it to do over again ( how many have said that?!)... as a T2 I would use a binder. I had a really nice one made for me while I was in rehab but like many things after rehab stopped using when I got out. I can remember putting it on a few times in the year or two after and it would add what felt like 2-3 inches to my sitting height / posture. Overall, think you can't expect flaccid muscle to keep tone after decades of sitting. Those old internal organs start feeling the effects of gravity as well.

    I guess it's a price to be paid for sticking around this long.

    Sorry JFK, I just reread your original post and see that you mention binder type fix won't work in your situation due to stoma.
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    I know for me it is diet related, carbs are my downfall. I do a theraband workout that helps and I estimed for years before I quit that.

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    Quad belly exists but it's minor, I'm thin and my organs stick out more than they used to but it's barely noticeable. Just gotta lose weight through diet
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    Quote Originally Posted by legitsrs View Post
    Quad belly exists but it's minor, I'm thin and my organs stick out more than they used to but it's barely noticeable. Just gotta lose weight through diet
    You're a fairly new injury. My belly didn't start bulging until like 7 years post injury and it wasn't fat, at that time.

    Also, torso length is a factor.

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