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Thread: posting picture?

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    posting picture?

    Can I put pics in a compressed (zip folder) and post. I've worked on a stage 4 pressure sore for 9 months. Took pics every week to show progress. Learned some new things that might help the next person. But how so I post all those pics. Should I just choose less to show progress?

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    No, you can't post zipped files. Too much risk for malware.

    You can post select photos, but be sure you downsize them appropriately or you won't be able to load to the forums. We recommend no wider than 700 pixels. Use this site if you can't do it on your own computer.

    You could also consider putting the photos in an Album here (create one as a member) and then direct other members to that with a post on the forums. Look under the Community tab on the top bar for Albums.

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    If you have 'Paint" it is easy but tiresome IMO.

    Another rough n ready method to resize is to select the image/images from your file and email to yourself.
    Most(?) email allows selection of various size, leastways mine does.
    Select what fits the requirements, send, retrieve, file then upload.
    Generally faster than me typing those last three lines
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