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Thread: Quickie Shark S For Sale!

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    Quickie Shark S For Sale!

    I have a Quickie Shark S, that I've own for a few years, but have only rode it a couple of times. Looking to sale it. #2000 obo.

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    Bump to the Top! Price is negotiable. Make an offer.

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    Price drop to $1300 obo

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    How about a trade for a Titanium frame ZRA I bought off ebay in about 2010, I have pics of it then beside my Spazz G and I can take pics of it now and let you know what is with it as much has changed. Just let me know if you want to trade for it before I go rounding up wheels and axles to put on it. Basically it is frame #10272 mfg 2003 I have it put away, It has standard upholstery, aluminum rim 5 inch casters, I can replace with 4 inch soft rolls almost new I have around somewhere, fold down back, frame still looks sharp. 4 degree camber, no sideguards. Very adjustable rear height and center of gravity. It was small for me and I just took the SPOX from it after using it for about a year off and on. I have 25 inch standard rims with MTN bike tires, al handrims that I can put on it, etc.... just let me know about possibility of trade before I waste time putting it together, I don't use it but I need a good old style hand cycle that isn't a lay down style like todays HC and I like the shark. I have a Intel Quad core, 4GB ram desktop I can set up for you also. I want your Shark.

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    I appreciate the trade offer, but I'm not looking to trade for anything right now. I actually got my new TiLite TR last week, and gave away my older ZRA to a kid in town that needed an updated chair.

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