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Thread: Small Button Quick Release Axle Tip

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    Small Button Quick Release Axle Tip

    Haha! Okay, so this might be something everybody knows about, but I recently bought some new quick release axles online for the chair I use to travel with. Unfortunately, they were just two millimeters too short to lock in to the receiver. I definitely didn't want to drop another 50 on a pair of axles. Being the genius (or idiot) that I am, I found a way to fix my little issue.

    Loosening the nut on the axle to the length I needed made it unsecured and too scary to use. It would definitely fall if I tried using it like that. So I unscrewed the nut off completely and put the nut back on backwards.

    The rubber from the nut is on the bottom instead of the top, securing the nut in place while giving you a little bit of extra length.
    And how did it go?

    I say it went pretty well.

    I just wouldn't recommend this for more than a few millimeters of needed length (I only needed two more millimeters.)

    I'm 100% sure people thought about this before and maybe even suggested it, so i'm sorry. But hopefully, someone is as dense as me and benefits from this post. Haha!

    Also please excuse my messy carpeted room and lack of casters. I'm replacing those and they come in on monday.

    okey bye
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    if you can find a high temperature lock nut it might grip better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syncopation View Post
    ...Loosening the nut on the axle to the length I needed made it unsecured and too scary to use. It would definitely fall if I tried using it like that. So I unscrewed the nut off completely and put the nut back on backwards....
    Sorry, but from your pictures it doesn't look like you gained any steel thread to thread contact. Maybe the first picture is just a sample. Still it seems like the tightness is the plastic binder pressing against the threads as it is a one way thing, that is it binds in one direction only.
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    see next
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    Are you pulling the proverbial?

    Quote Originally Posted by Syncopation View Post

    If you are genuine.........
    As nonoise has pointed out to you, all you have succeeded in doing is reducing the amount (number) of thread engagement.
    If they are nuts that lock with the nylon insert, from your images it is apparent to me that you have reduced the amount of real thread engagement by 50%-70%
    By attempting your fix, you have put your safety at risk. Or at the very least, your equipment may be damaged. I would hazard a guess that half or more of the positive thread engagement you now 'feel' is the nylon locking insert.
    If the nuts do not have nylon inserts then they will be 'clinched' at the crown end to engage firmly with the thread. If that is the case, you have not gained any more thread engagement than what you had after the initial adjustment.

    If you are to continue to use these axles instead of shelling out for a correct length pair, then engage those nuts in the correct orientation and use 'Loctite' threadlock or some other fastening securing medium - quick smart.

    If this was a situation I had, I would sell on those shorter units and purchase the correct length pieces.

    What diameter and length do you require? There may be someone prepared to sell / gift / exchange a pair to you.
    If I was located closer I would offer you my spare axles if they were suitable.

    Is there an exchange/buy/sell section on the Care forum? Would one be allowed or would litigant or liability concerns prevent this?
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    +1 with Slow_runner.
    It's a better solution to use the most of thread you can. And don't name "thread" a simple mark in the nylon.
    You can if you want, use "low-profile" nuts, and lock them in place too.
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