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Thread: A SCI from Vietnam needs your support!

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    Exclamation A SCI from Vietnam needs your support!

    Hi everyone,
    Good day to you! I'm Ngoc from Vietnam. I do have some questions about SCI that my boyfriend has been suffering for almost 1 year. I?m sorry if it may take your time to read and answer my questions. Unfortunately, we can?t be able to afford to get an official and intensive training at service centers, like many other patients here. That why, this is the only way we can get access to you. Your valuable advice and suggestion will certainly light our way ahead.
    1. About movement recovery:
    a. Current state:
    Legs: The right leg can stretch in and out easily and strongly, but there is no muscles from his right sura to the down part. The left leg is much weaker. There is hip muscles and groin muscles; but no knee muscles and lap muscles.
    He can walk around house with assistant tools (a 4-point rolling walker and a metal frame at the back of his legs).
    Toes: There is still no movement of toes yet. However when he really focuses to think about moving his toes, he can feel deep inside the strong vibration signals.
    b. Questions:
    How long each day he should take to practice walking? Is it right if as much as possible?
    Beside walking practice, can you suggest some other exercises, esp. core balance exercises?
    How to speed the movement of toes?
    2. About sensory recovery:
    a. Current state:
    Right leg: there is real feeling from his lap to ankle but no sensory recovery at the back of this leg.
    Left leg: the whole left leg is sensory paralysis. There is only feeling of deep sharp pain inside.
    b. Questions:
    Is there any practice to recover sensation?
    3. About micturition and passage recovery:
    a. Current state:
    Micturition: It takes him lots of efforts and strength to have a micturition without using cannulas.
    Passage: It is Ok as normal.
    b. Questions:
    Should he continue trying to have a micturition or use cannulas? Which one is better for him?
    Is there any method/ practice to recover micturition function?
    4. About sexual recovery
    a. Current state:
    When he has interest in making love (for example when he is near me), his penis can get erection for a short time. Then it ejaculates, but a little earlier than normal. He can feel the pleasure himself.
    b. Questions:
    Is there any method/ practice to recover sexual functions?
    5. About foods and supplementary products: Can you give us some suggestions about foods and supplementary products to strengthen his spinal cord?

    Thank you for your enthusiasm to patiently read until this words. In this letter, each word is full of our beliefs and hopes as well as many patients here.
    We looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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    What is his injury level?
    How old is he?

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    He is 26. The injury is in L1 and L2.

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    Should he continue trying to have a micturition or use cannulas? Which one is better for him?

    It is important to use cannulas if he has trouble with micturition. He must empty himself completely or risks bad infection. People do this 2-6 times a day depending on need.

    Walking or any movements will come back some on their own, but using his body=exercise will help.
    Can you get the guidance of a doctor?
    Search in the Exercise and Recovery thread for more information.

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    Thank you for your suggesion.
    I wonder is there any exercise for his bladder or pennis ^^?

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    I would suggest posting questions about his bladder management on the Care forum, and about sexual functioning on the Relationships and Sexuality forum here.


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