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Thread: Seated Blumil Adapted Segway

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    Seated Blumil Adapted Segway

    I have a virtually brand new Blumil Adapted Seated Segway. The Segway is an Is2. I paid $11,000 for it plus shipping. I will take $9000. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the Segway. The reason I am selling it is that I cannot transfer into it safely. I actually fell backwards one time trying to get into it. If you like the out of doors and want to have fun doing it at up to 12 mph, then this is the unit for you. Although this Segway has been adapted for someone with an SCI or MS or other neurological disorder, all of the parts that come with a regular Segway are included. You should have good transfer skills if you are interested in purchasing.
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    I am looking at 1 too but that kinda scares me is it 26" tall and that a tough transfer as I am use to 22 I am quad but.......

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