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Thread: FS: Quickie Revolution, 14 x 15

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    FS: Quickie Revolution, 14 x 15

    For Sale: Quickie Revolution, believed to be 14" w x 15" d.

    Seems to be in good / okay (not sure how to tell) shape as a chair / frame, although wheels and tires are in great need of attention (possibly a whole new set - I can't get to the bike shop for them to be examined). I intended to sell this locally, but haven't had folks contact me with interest. Has mounts for side guards and armrests, although does not have the actual side guards or armrests.

    No anti-tips or mounts although I have been quoted for the mounts by several shops, so I'm wondering if a person can get them.

    Casters are quick release and seem to be easy to remove.

    Seems to roll okay, given the current state of the tires/wheels (wheels are not true, spokes need tightened, etc. Likely needs some maintenance). I can't try it myself as my body is much larger.

    Cross-posted, but... I haven't had interest and want my space back. Willing to give an established CareCure member a good deal. If shipping is necessary (I'm in Oregon), I'll have to get a shipping quote and go from there (willing to ship for CareCure members only).

    Please POST HERE OR PM me to express interest. I'll turn notifications on this post.

    Photos to follow...
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    5 photos should be attached.

    Asking $350 locally (shipping may be extra).

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