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Thread: Leg spasms. What can I do????

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    Leg spasms. What can I do????

    I'm a c6/7 who has always had some leg spasticity, but lately they are getting worse. They hit with a quickness and surprise that a couple of times have flipped me backwards in my manual chair, which sucks tremendously. Now they are triggered by nearly any movement in bed making it nearly impossible to sleep. I really don't want to take any prescription muscle relaxers as everything will get sluggish. I don't drink pop and only decaf coffee.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm getting desperate.


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    Usually increased spasticity is indicative of a problem. You may have UTI or something else that gives you the abdominal spasms.

    They happen to me to and have launched like a rocket out of my wheelchair, was over the hospital rails hanging by my elbow and I sure could keep time to the music.

    The best things I've found that would take my spasms away completely was getting in the water and relaxing.. Either a swimming pool or scuba diving would take my spasms away for days.

    Two or three hours in the water you'll feel like a new person.

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    Smoke some Mary Jane, it usually helps me
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    I had an episode like that and it turned out to be low sodium level in the blood.

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    Do you have a UTI or infection? This can exacerbate spasticity.
    Get checked out. However, spasticity can increase periodically without a known cause.
    Medications?- Baclofen, Tizanidine, Dantrolene- start and/or increase dose and if not help then Botox or Phenol or both.

    Implanted Baclofen pump available if none of these help enough.

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