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    Fitting in

    Having a nice meal with family seems to be a challenge for me. I am in so much pain and by the evening or supper time I just want to give up. Hence when sitting around trying to have a normal conversation with people I seem to be in la la land. It makes social outings even worse than they should be. One other thing is I am not good at bullshiting. I am so tired of this. I go see the psychiatrist and will have to ask for help I guess. The mental struggle of this disease seems to be worse than the pain it self sometimes. Does anybody else feel like this? I have been at this for a long time and would hope I would be better at coping but I seem to be just mired in shit. Another thing is I seem to have no patience and an hour can feel like a whole day for some reason.

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    Maybe some distraction to get yourself out of your head, like exercise.

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    Exercise is a bitch for me. I try to walk at least a block a day though. I also do chores around the house but always seem to end up back in the same shitty place everyday. Boredoom has a lot to do with it.

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    Are you being treated for depression by the psychiatrist you are seeing? Medications? Talking therapy?

    Do you engage socially face-to-face with anyone outside of your family? Clubs? Church? School?


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    I have been being treated for depression and it is a big part of it. I am very anti- social and don't get out much. It is all because of being in pain all the time.

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    Do you just get anti-depression medication or are you going to on-going talk therapy? I am sure you have been told that distraction (getting involved in something that takes all your attention) is a very good treatment for chronic pain. Activity with periods of rest in between is best. Chronic pain can be made worse by fatigue and depression. Your profile says you are into cars. Have you engaged with any local car clubs? Do you go to car shows?

    Are you taking medication for your pain, and if so, what?


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    I have a 1990 Camaro that I look after. I am on cbd oil for pain but it does nothing. I have been on other pain medications but nothing helps. If I watch Netflix that helps as it takes my mind of the pain. I have difficulty keeping up to my family and won't even attempt it most days.

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    So you are not getting any counseling, nor medication for treatment of depression?

    Who says you need to keep up to your family? You should be pacing yourself, doing what you can, and getting periods of rest between.


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    I am slated to see a counselor in August. Rest seems to be a chore. I was on medication for sleep and need to go back on it again as sleep is eluding me again. If I do go out in public it is just to get supplies and I don't stay out. This usually lifts my mood for a bit. To be out all day seems to be an unbearable thought as I just can't do it. The heat is also frustrating as I my injury overheats and I just want it to be cool.

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    Do you live somewhere where pot is legal? Seems like everyone I talk to says that pot is medicinal for both anxiety and pain

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