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Thread: Former US Olympian Home, Walking ... Less Than 3 Months After ...

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    It is lime being kicked when you read articles attributing recovery to effort and a positive attitude because the inference is that if you did not get the same recovery it is a reflection on your lack of trying. Making the most of any function that your injuries leave you with undoubtedly takes effort and nobody should decry someone for making that effort. However, when reporting on "recoveries" journalists must acknowledge that return of function is also dependent on the injury and that lack of return does not mean a lack of effort or a poor attitude.

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    I want to add that he was told to make a full recovery I think. Here is all his videos and he talks about it starting in the first week. Just go down a little to see the oldest videos.

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    Paralyzed Former Olympian Walks Down the Aisle With His Wife: 'It Was a Goal for Me'

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    Drives me crazy to see these things. How many brides are walking down the aisle these days without a wheelchair? What's wrong with rolling down the aisle? I spent the first few years of my injury trying to please my family members and myself. I thought if I worked hard enough, I'd recover. When I finally stopped going to therapy everyday, i took back my life. I'm a chair user and I'm okay with that.

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