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I'm a C5/6 complete with no tricep function. Would the glider's arm action still work for me?

I think that the 6000 glider will be lil' dificul in begining, on the other hand that's why you need a 6000 glider so that you can gradualy build up your triceps vs the other standers where you gonna be all passive.
You can start out by locking your elbows, which it will strengthen your delts., shoulders, triceps,& so on.....
Luigi, no matter how hard you exercise, if the muscle is not innervated, it's not going to work - Saorsa is C5/6 Complete _with no triceps_


I was speaking from my experience, that my triceps have recovered to a 4+ left, 5 on the right since I work on the glider, if my case is an exception then I think on other people at least the shoulders,& deltoits will definitly get stronger, plus other parts.


Saorsa - I'm C6/7 Complete with only one weakish tricep and I can push the handles fine. The side with triceps is obviously easier but the other side compensates by using the shoulders.