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Thread: C-5 quadriplegic concerned about insurance cost for a modified vehicle.

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    YeahI could see it costing that much, I know some C5 that function like paraplegics, then I know others like myself that can barely move there one arm. In that case driving is out of the question, but some injuries will just require a lot more modifications and there are people that know what they're doing on the subject at the same time they catch wind that you have an insurance settlement and they rig it out and charge a fortune.

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    [QUOTE=ezjose1;your modifications are basically dropped floor and a push pull and control or a six way seat?[/QUOTE]

    That is correct. I do not have a 6 way power seat. I believe on the Chrysler mini-vans that type of seat may be standard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ezjose1 View Post
    Do you know if that coverage includes the modifications and the vehicle cost?
    Yes it does.

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    I am a insurance agent here in Florida. There are several reasons that would make your premium very high. It sounds like you are a new driver with no length of experience. If this is your first time being licensed in the U.S. it will be a big factor in premium. Second here in Florida they use credit history, I don't know if they do in N.Y.but that makes a big factor here. Plus you have no prior insurance coverage. And your age could be in play.

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    No full, DSI Driving controls at a cost of $90,000 and the drop floor at $20,000

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    I'm really late seeing this and it doesn't answer your insurance question but where were you able to find government funding?

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