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Thread: Major Coloplast leg-bag problem

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    Major Coloplast leg-bag problem

    has anyone every had an issue with an Alpine Colopast reusable legbag? my wife put a new one on me this past Wednesday and it wasn't until 4 hours later, while I was at work, that I found out it wasn't flowing... By that time I frantically had to hunt for someone to disconnect the bag from my extensiontube... about a cup of urine came shooting out. upon inspection we found that there wasn't an opening to the flow back valve, so we had to cut one. it worked fine after that. I called Coloplast and they get back to me on Monday. however, I'm started having increased pain yesterday, two days after to flow problem and it's worse today... which is Saturday. I hope I don't have a UTI or kidney infection.
    please let me know, if this has ever happened to you.
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    Same with the Urocare bags. Dumbest design ever. I either order the bottom extension tube with new connector, or cut off the bottom half-way through the side openings. ALWAYS check the connectors. Of course, you will from now on anyway
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    Before attaching a new leg or night bag to my cath. tube I always blow into it to check that all's clear, once (or four or five) bitten twice shy!

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