My wife and I recently attended a birthday dinner for her brother at a nice seafood restaurant located in Baltimore's Harbor East neighborhood. Due to the location, the time and just not wanting to deal with parking, I decided to use the valet parking the restaurant offered. Once I began to pull my wheelchair out, the valet asked if my car used hand controls and then informed me that he would not be able to park my car. My wife and I both explained that there was no need for him to use the controls and he could drive the car just as he would any other, but he refused to extend the service.
I was forced to park a block away in an underground garage and travel over cobblestone to access the restaurant. I was extremely upset over the entire situation. My question is, did the valet parker or his company have the right to refuse me service based on my car being equipped with hand controls? I had never experienced this from any other business that needs to drive my car.