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Thread: New Wheelchair user with tyre pressure issues

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    Question New Wheelchair user with tyre pressure issues

    Greetings all. I'm a relatively new chair user, and I've just gotten my first chair with pneumatic tyres. I'm using Schwalb Rightrun tyres, and the recommended pressure range is 85 - 145 psi. I've inflated the tyres so that they're very firm, but my gauge reads only 45PSI - I'm afraid if I go too much further something will burst, or at best they'll become so rock hard that they're no better than the solid tyres I previously used. Am I missing something obvious here?

    Thanks in advance - I am happy to have found these forums and I hope I can learn a lot from them.

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    I use tires with the same range in tire pressure and run them at 100 psi the strength in your hands has a lot to do with how firm you think the tire is you are not putting the same pressure on them checking them by your hand as the total weight of you and your chair combined. If your tires and tubes are properly installed you are not going to bust anything at 100 psi on tires that are rated to 145 psi. My experience is that tires that are inflated to 80 psi compared to tires with solid inserts that are supposed to be equal to 80 psi roll completely different. The ones with the solid inserts worked me big time compared to air filled tires. In fact I used the solid insert tires for a while just for the work out till I cut the tires off the rims and replaced with air filled tires. Did you install the tires or someone else?

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    what gauge? hand held or on an electric pump?

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    don't worry about this high pressure, your tires are made for it. More, they NEED this pressure to give all their potential and rollability. There's nothing worse than a narrow tire under inflated for roll ability. You can use for rule : the narrower the tire, the higher the pressure !
    Of course, your tires at this pressure may become uncomfortable, but will keep a little damping effect due to the air inside, more compressible than the foam. Anyway, if they are not soft enough for you, you'd better use larger tires (which allows lower pressure) than under-inflate your narrow tires.
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    Ok, thanks for the reassurance - I'm just so worried about not maintaining my chair properly. There's so much I need to learn, and its such an expensive thing to break. I'm pretty much learning everything on my own, from usage to maintenance, so I need all the help I can get

    The retailer installed the tyres, the chair is an ex-floor model Quickie Neon SA, and up until this point I'd been using a cheap folding chair that I got for about ?100 on Amazon - the difference is night and day, obviously.

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    This is the gauge I'm using: I'm using a handheld pump, mostly because my compressor is really hard to get to at the moment. I realise it would probably be faster with the electric pump, but again, I'd worry about inflating them too quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldfatdad View Post
    what gauge? hand held or on an electric pump?
    This is an important consideration. If you are using a cheap electric pump with a built in gauge, it could be reading wrong.
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