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Thread: Bruno valet reset - urgent

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    Bruno valet reset - urgent

    Can anyone tell me how to reset a Bruno Valet seat? I have no authorized service facility for many hours away and I need to use the vehiclr. Thanks for the help.
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    Have someone look at your battery positive connection. if there is a wire there with a fused connection replace the fuse..

    They may have connected the 12Vdc connection to the fused block, it may take a bit of detective work but there will be a newer wire leading to the seat connection box, it should be fused or have a circuit breaker, replacing that breaker, should fix you up.

    Now why did this become a problem? 1) chaffed wire 2) disconnected wire 3) overcurrent meaning the wire may have become shorted. Somehow. Please tell us sometime what you found.

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    It was a safety sensor in the back of the seat. Still giving me problems but working.
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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