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    I was just wondering if we could get a section set up that hones in on "senior" issues.
    I looked around and "suddenly", I have an ongoing problem with SCI, student loan debt from my daughters education, still have a large mortgage, still struggling to hold onto a job (and find new work periodically) AND I'm pushing 64

    Would anyone be interested in a section devoted to issues that hit this age demographic - especially in context of Spinal Cord Injuries and related maladies?

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    I don't see the need for a separate forum for this, and I know Wise is reluctant to increase our forum fact there has been some discussion of merging some. Health related aging issues can be discussed in the Care forum, caregiver needs in the Caregiver forum, and financial issues in the Work, School, & Money forum.


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    Interesting idea, but wondering if there would be enough seniors in this site. As a paralyzed senior myself, I do find posts from apparent seniors very relevant and interesting.
    In regard to your student loan debt, just wondering if there's any chance to explore this debt for a person with a disability - with the apparent high numbers of students in trouble over non-payment of student debt, it seems there must be some kind of plan for someone in your situation, especially if you have a good record of payment.

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    Thanks - something to look into!

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