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Thread: Has anyone tried pilates for improved functional movement?

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    Has anyone tried pilates for improved functional movement?

    Someone I know with a sci has gained great confidence and hope and physical improvement from working with a pilates instructor and then doing what he learned at home. I looked up some videos and do see great potential in trying it. I'm looking to get my limbs in normal functional positions that I can practice and train movements that will improve my overall function. So I contacted a pilates instructor and she is interested in talking with me. Experiences and thoughts? Thank you

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    try it can't hurt. I do tai chi because it is gentle on the joints.

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    I've had a good bit of experience with Pilates, first as a dancer pre-MS, and then post-MS in the hope of preserving function. I advise caution, because Pilates is more strenuous than yoga and tai chi, and has greater potential for damage if not done correctly. The best course would be to receive personal instruction from a seasoned Pilates instructor who has a solid understanding of anatomy and the therapeutic requirements/limitations of people with SCI. Our bodies are subject to torsion, structural curvatures and unusual stressors, and I have encountered very few Pilates instructors (or even physical therapists) with that level of expertise.
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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