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Thread: Microcyn/Hydrocleanse/Vetericyn usage & general UTI questions

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    Microcyn/Hydrocleanse/Vetericyn usage & general UTI questions

    How I've managed to miss all these Microcyn posts over the years, including that BIG thread, I know not, but I just caught wind of it today, and had some questions since there are a ton of posts and the information is all pretty scattered.

    So, some general SCI urinary questions first:
    • When folks here say they've experienced UTI, they're specifically referring to symptomatic UTI, right?
    • Those who catheterize are oftentimes colonized and asymptomatic: what are the risks, if any, of staying colonized? Is this still a bladder irritant?
    • Are cloudy urine and sediment in urine caused by different things? I always assumed the latter was when the former progressed too much.
    • How do SCI folks who cath know when they should be tested for stones, especially for those who feel no pain?

    Some background of my situation: I intermittent clean cath, and will usually use a paper towel that I've moistened with sink water to wipe the meatus and glans. I'll hold the end of my catheter, dunk the tip into a bottle of KY, and then insert: my fingers never touch any part of the catheter that gets inserted, so the only possible bacteria points are the KY bottle, the paper or water, or anything that was already in/on my penis.

    I will occasionally get a bout of asymptomatic cloudy urine or urine with sediment every couple months, that would historically clear up within 3-5 days with increased water intake. I've been given antibiotics a few times, but was really only symptomatic once that I can recall in the past decade or so. However, I've now had cloudy urine for the past three months that hasn't cleared up at all (but the cloudiness varies), with sediment once every two weeks or so: would this mean a biofilm has formed and taken hold? No symptoms, so I haven't gotten tested since the advice here seems to be to not test or treat if you're not experiencing any issues - should I get tested though, given that this is pretty different from my past?

    The Microcyn etc specific questions:
    • People seem to use this for a variety of things, some as a urethral flush, most as an retain and cleanse of the bladder. Have those who just done the flush found it to be sufficient/effective?
    • It seems that people suggest *cyn be used only after UTI has been cleared. What if you're colonized?
    • The general procedure for injection into the bladder I've seen seems to be 1) fully void, 2) insert x amount of *cyn into bladder, 3) retain 5-10 minutes or until next cath.
      • Is the catheter that's currently in place the one that's used?
      • Wouldn't this push urine that's in the catheter back into the bladder?
      • And if you void the urine in the catheter first, how do you prevent pushing air from the catheter into your bladder?
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